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What our community has to say…

Every Westbourne story is different, however, you will see that many of the stories have interlocking themes.

Our strength is in our community, our sense of place and the celebration of every child’s unique talents.

Scroll through our stories from the youngest Prep and Nursery children through to those tackling GCSEs and the academic demands of the IB Diploma, throughout you will see a common theme….community, at Westbourne, it matters.

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'The ability of the teachers to know each pupil and recognise what they’re capable and push them just that little bit, in the nicest, kindest, most positive way, to make them want to learn, to make them want to do better." Mr Haberfield, Prep Parent
"As a proud parent, I would like to say a big thank you to the teachers, staff and Dr Griffiths for the help, guidance, support and going the extra mile during Covid. This has given Abi what I believe to be the very best educational start for her future." Mr Fox, IB Sixth Form Parent
"I always thought that this school would be good, I hoped this school would be great, I didn’t expect this school to be incredible." Fiona Porter-Smith, mum
Mrs Porter-Smith, Prep Parent
Caleb's parents, Year 5
"Ciara has grown a lot as demonstrated by her increased curiosity & confidence - likely because the teachers can hold her attention more effectively vs. allowing her to daydream as she sometimes had a tendency to do in a larger class." Prep School Parent
‘Evan has grown in confidence since joining Westbourne Prep, but the big difference is the academic side; he is hugely curious and learns by interaction & discussion and his prior teachers did not have the time to engage with him with the quality that he enjoys e.g. we’ve always suspected he has high maths potential, based on home evidence but school evidence has never correlated until now.’ Evan’s parents, Year 4
"Two years in this school with amazing teachers and an infinite amount of support and help has enabled me to achieve a grade in the IB that I did not think was possible couldn't be happier to have served as the head girl in this school and hopefully made them proud of me will miss all the support from teachers greatly both academically and personally! This is a tight-knit family which I regret to leave but will always remember and keep in touch with." Thalia graduated with 41 Points
‘Take the leap! The world here is far better than anything you could imagine. You have to take the leap to find out for yourself!’ Dharani, Westbourne graduate/Cambridge undergrad
"I loved my time at Westbourne! The staff are so friendly and supportive and the smaller class sizes mean that it really feels like a family. I could really push my limits whilst there and achieve my full potential because I knew all the help was there whenever I needed it. I made some amazing friends while I was at Westbourne and the memories and relationships that it gave me will always have a special place in my heart." Hannah, medical student - 44 IB Points
"The boarding house is great! There is a real community in the house - watching films, studying together." Nikolay, from Russia joined us in PreIB and went on to become Head Boy
"The experience in the boarding house made me more open-minded because meeting people from different parts of the world with different cultures is very interesting. My life in the Boarding House is fun and it feels like a big family." Stefani, IB Student
"The boarding is fabulous with our amazing house parent Miss Janette. To be a Boarder has lots of advantages, you can make dozens of friends within just a couple of hours and rely on each other when you are struggling with homesickness and loneliness. The most important thing is that everybody is here to help me in some way and I cannot feel sad or alone." Kinga, from Hungary
‘Ciara has grown a lot since joining Westbourne Prep, as demonstrated by her increased curiosity & confidence - likely because the teachers can hold her attention more effectively vs. allowing her to daydream as she had a tendency to do in a larger class.’ Westbourne Prep Parents
"All the teachers and pupils have helped us to settle in and some older pupils will happily kick a football with us. I think that being given a buddy on the first day definitely helped as they were the IB2, the biggest people in the school including the head boy and head girl." Evie, Year 6
"The residential trip was active and fun. I loved spending so much time outside and staying up late with my friends. We laughed so much every day. The funniest thing was when we poured water on the teachers! It will always be one of my life's most fun and happy memories." Grace, Year 5