Application Process

A ‘whole child’ approach

Getting to know the strengths and characters of all our candidates is as important as performance in academic tests. The process differs slightly depending on year of entry, however regardless of age, our aim is to ensure the admissions process remains straightforward, simple and fee free.

We operate a rolling application process, accepting the most suitable candidates on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Places are limited due to our small class size, highly tailored approach and therefore early registration for key entry stages – Reception, Year 7, Year 9 and the IB Sixth Form – is recommended.

Our Asst. Directors of Admissions, Claire & Susan will guide and support you throughout the process, typically turning around application decisions within forty eight hours post entrance exams and interview.


'A huge thank you so much for having helped to make the entire process from application through to this communication so easy, straightforward and stress free, it has been so smooth and professional and you have been very kind, informative, and extremely helpful.' Sophie's Mum, Westbourne Parent

Entry Points

Nursery Admissions

We welcome boys and girls into our thriving Nursery, from their 2nd birthday. Naturally there are no aptitude tests of entrance exams, simply a warm and friendly welcome from our highly experienced Nursery team.

We appreciate that settling in can take time for our youngest pupils, Louise, our Nursery Manager and her team will work with you to ensure your child is fully settled before formally starting at Little Westbourne.

We support a number of childcare voucher schemes and are registered as a free 17.5 hours, childcare provider. We also run an exclusive Stepping Up to School offer for families who continue on to our Reception class. Please simply ask our Admissions Team for further information.

Further information on sessions and fees specific to Little Westbourne are via this link. 

Prep School Admissions

Most pupils join Prep in the September term at Reception age (4 years), or Year 3 (7 years of age), however, we welcome applications for other years, including mid-year transfers, subject to availability.

Pupils from Year 2 take a stress free aptitude test and families are invited for an informal meeting with Ms Chinnock, Head of the Prep School prior to entry. We warmly welcome students to try a Taster Day before joining.

As a UKVI license holder, we welcome international families into our Prep School, with accompanying parent sponsorship available for day students under 12 years of age.

Senior School Admissions

Entry to our Senior School is typically in the September term at Year 7 (age 11) or Year 9 (age 13), however, we welcome applications for other years, throughout the academic year, subject to availability.

Senior School applicants are invited to sit an Aptitude Test, then entrance exams in English and Maths, before an informal interview, in person, or via Zoom, with Dr Griffiths, Principal.

Taster Days, including overnight Boarding Taster Days are warmly welcomed.


IB Sixth Form Admissions

We recommend applying for Year 12, at least 9 months in advance of your intended start date.

Entry to Year 12 Sixth Form is in September (age 16-17 years).

For those joining us from outside the British education system, we offer a one-year PreIB (Year 11: 15-16 years) course in preparation for the IB, with entry points in September, January and April.

Sixth Form applicants are invited to sit an Aptitude Test, followed by entrance exams in English, Maths, then an interview.

In certain circumstances, we can accept Year 13 students transferring from another IB Diploma course. Please contact us to discuss your individual circumstances.

English Language Summer School

Every August we run a tailored, residential English as a Second Language Summer School for 3 weeks, managed and run by our own teaching staff, it’s the perfect blend of academic English and fun activities.

To reserve a place, we ask for the last terms school report and completion of our registration form, no exams are necessary for admission. To start an application click here.

PreIB International Admissions

PreIB is a parallel Year 11 year group specifically for International candidates, it provides the academic and English language foundation for Sixth Form IB Diploma studies.

PreIB students are also able to sit one year IGCSE/GCSE examinations to support later university applications.

PreIB entry, aged 15 years.

To apply for a place at Westbourne, we ask for school reports from the past two years to be forwarded to our Admissions Team.

Upon receipt, you will be invited to sit entrance exams, which can be administered in your home country.

  • Maths – 60 minutes
  • English – 60 minutes
  • Aptitude Test – 45 minutes
  • Interview

The full international application process is outlined here.


We offer a limited number of academic scholarships each year, they are awarded as a discount from fees only on academic merit to the most talented candidates.

In addition to the Entrance Examinations, a further scholarship paper will be required.

Please ensure you inform our admissions team upon application, of your intention to apply for a scholarship. Certain year groups will have cut off dates for Scholarship applications.


We seek to attract the most able and motivated candidates, families that believe that the full cost of a Westbourne education may be out of their financial reach should not be put off discussing admission with our team.

We offer a number of assisted place, means tested bursaries each year, please enquire with our admissions team when applying.

Further fee information can be viewed via this link.

Sibling Discounts

As a family orientated school we offer the following day student sibling discounts from Reception onwards:

Early Years Family Package 

Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 students with a sibling in the school.

  • 1st child – advertised annual fees
  • 2nd child
    • 50% reduction in standard fees whilst in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2.
    • 10% reduction in fees from Year 3 onwards, means tested bursary may be applied for at this stage if required.
  • This offer does not run alongside any other remission in fee offer.

Sibling Discount, when the above does not apply

  • 10% off 2nd child fees
  • 20% off 3rd child fees
  • 30% off 4th child fees

Little Westbourne Stepping Up to School Offer

Exclusively for Little Westbourne families stepping up to Reception class, we offer a 50% remission in fees for the duration of Reception and Year 1.

If a sibling is already in the school, the offer extends to include Year 2.

  • To secure the discount places are to be confirmed by 30th January the academic year prior to entering Reception.
  • We appreciate circumstances change and for those families who may be concerned about fees from Year 2 onwards we recommend a confidential discussion with our admissions team regarding the bursaries available to ensure continuity of education.
"It’s truly amazing how welcoming everyone was when I got here. Fellow students practically become family and everyone is extremely supportive of each other." IB Diploma student Mauricio joined us mid-year.

Registration documents

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