Boarding Life

A warm and welcoming family

Westbourne is far more than just a school, it’s a community….a family.

A close-knit boarding community, our family of boarders, live and eat together in one warm, supportive and friendly family-like unit. As a natural and carefully nurtured extension of the family environment of the whole school.

Students are cared for by our House Parents, who, with a wealth of experience in looking after pupils from across the globe are dedicated to caring, ensuring their safety, security and well-being. Freshly prepared lunches and suppers are served daily, including during half term.

Sleeping & Snoozing

Located just 2 minutes walk from the Senior School and Sixth Form, the Boarding House is fully co-educational, with separate floors for boys and girls, mixed activities, meals and areas for relaxing.

For those who opt for Home Stay, you’re warmly welcomed to take part in any of the meals and activities going on throughout the week within the Boarding House, as well as with your host family. Your room will be either a single, or you’ll be sharing, dependant on year group and before you even arrive you’ll have the opportunity to make friends with a student buddy, to support you from the day you open the door to your room.

Weekdays start around 7.30 am, with Miss Janette and Chef Mitch serving breakfast in the dining room, a healthy mix of cereals, fruits, toasts and pastries to start the day before you head off to school.

Weekends have a more leisurely start with breakfast from 9 am.

"Every day I wake up, I look forward to going to school. The smiles that my classmates have on their faces always makes my day. Moreover, we gain knowledge in class as well as having fun. I really like school here." Macy, from Hong Kong

School Work & Support

As a smaller school, everyone at Westbourne is invested in your success. From homework clubs and after-hours support from your House Parents, to top up ESL lessons on a weekend.

We recognise that some students prefer a smaller, home environment, particularly younger students and those in their final IB year, therefore as well as accommodation within the Boarding House, we also offer a Home Stay option for students.

“The boarding house gives you a soft skill of being able to live together with other people, and it’s taught me some skills I’ve taken over to university.” Mauricio, joined us from Mexico