A second week of Westbourne welcomes!

Posted: 17th September 2020

FAB School starts

Another week of warm Westbourne welcomes, including a very warm welcome to an exciting new Prep initiative FAB School – as if the Prep & Nursery isn’t ‘fab’ enough, it’s now official, as we see the launch of Forest And Beach school roll out across the younger years. 

Warm welcomes have also been extended in the Senior School as we welcomed back to the classroom the second group of classes as part of our #SafeSchool September return.

Next week, we’re delighted to be welcoming every class back to school and a huge thank you goes out to all students, staff and parents for their support of our phased return.



forest school cardiff

Nursery took part in their first ever FAB School session this week – lots of exploring, jumping, counting and creating at Porthkerry Park.

An active week

Mrs Allen has kept our students on their toes again this week, including those accessing lessons via Westbourne Online as part of the phased return.

With the sun shining throughout the week, it’s been great to see Year 5 out playing hockey, Pre IB enjoying basketball and Year 8 playing basketball at Penarth Heights.

school sport - Westbourne School - senior school Wales

Taking full advantage of the late summer sunshine to score some goals!

Award winning Westbournians

As proud as we are of our students in school, it’s wonderful to also congratule their achievements within many of the excellent local clubs in the area.

This week a special mention goes out to Evan & Gethin, who shone brightly on the football pitch and have subsequently been voted ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Players’ Player of the Year’ respectively at Sully football club.


award winners - sport - Westbourne

Congratulations Gethin & Evan

Artistic flair

This term Year 2 have been learning all about perspective in Art with Mrs Chinnock.  They made the most of the beautiful weather and went outside to paint some landscape photos. 

It’s a challenge to paint what you see but Year 2 had some beautiful results with the watercolours the children produced!

Koto, year 7 also showed her creative side this week – she went above and beyond in her ‘Geography detective’ homework! Not only did she find, and label a picture of Antarctica, as required, she also created a fantastic model! Big well done for her out od the box thinking. 

art - Westbourne - Cardiff school

So much talent in one photo!

Fabulous Family

This week the children at Little Westbourne have been focusing on their families as part of their ‘All About Me’ topic. Everyone was very busy discussing their families and how they are all different.

The children have been making photo frames of their very special family memories and everyone made their very own gingerbread family! It was a lovely way to talk about diversity and for the children to get to know one another and learn more about their new friends who joined this year.

Westbourne nursery - family - Penarth

The importance of family and friends, explored during the topic ‘all about me’

It’s Fruity Friday!

What could be better as the nights get shorter and the days a little chillier than a fabulous Friday shot of Vitamin C! 

Fruity Friday started today, with our Year 2 pupils bringing in a delicious item of fresh fruit for the rest of the class to share…as well as learning lots of fabulous fruity facts along the way!

A huge thank you to our Year 2 parents for supporting this healthy initiative – the variety was incredible!

fruits - healthy - Prep school

A fabulous bounty for the first of our Fruity Fridays!

Another warm Westbourne welcome

This time our big Westbourne welcome is extended to Mr Duggan who has joined our Prep School team! The children are loving his energetic and fun lessons.

Mr Duggan has also introduced Philosophy for learning (P4C) in years 3-5 which is a wonderful way to discuss questions whilst encouraging higher-order thinking skills, developing communication skills and encouraging children to think more laterally.


Prep teacher - Prep school - Westbourne Prep

Mr Duggan in action!

Stars of the Week

Some excellent work across Westbourne Prep this week and a huge well done to all of our students for shining so brightly!

This week’s awards for Star of the Week goes to:

Early years ⭐ –  Zoe: for excellent work and trying so hard, learning lots of new shapes this week.

Year 2 ⭐ – Kian: for a brilliant performance on the boom whackers, playing a rhythm and keeping in time!

Year 3 ⭐ – Elise: for her incredible effort in maths and her beautiful manners.

Year 4 ⭐ – Kagan: for excellent work in Geography this week.

Year 5 ⭐ – Peter for making such an effort in every lesson to present his work neatly. You are doing an awesome job!

Prep School - Cardiff area - Penarth

Congratulations Zoe and Kian for being awarded Star of the Week in their respective year groups.

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