A week full of more costume changes than a Madonna concert

Posted: 15th November 2019

It’s that time of the year again!

Graduation! One of the most important events on our calendar is taking place today – our graduation ceremony!

We are excited to see our recently graduated IB Diploma cohort, celebrate GCSE success and learn about IB Graduate life at university, as well as see the performances that current students have prepared for the evening.

It is a festive evening giving us the opportunity to take time and celebrate the brilliant achievements of our recent graduates who all got in top universities around the world!

Just one of those days…
Westbourne School IB1 charitable day in costumes part of CAS

Did you guess who they both are? It’s okay … we didn’t either!

You question if this is just an ordinary day in school when you get welcomed by Sonic the hedgehog and what we understand is Belle from Beauty and the Beast (apparently the shop had run out of brunette wigs and the only option was Daenerys from ‘Game of Thrones’).

Today we fundraise for Children In Need and all students are encouraged to come to school dressed as a superhero or a Disney character (for a £1 fee).

As the day went by there was a scrumptious Bake Sale and fun activities including Tug of War, Throw the Bear and a Skipping competition.

We are so proud of our IB students who organised this day and congratulate their efforts!

Young superstar!
Westbourne School's Ella receiving first place

Congratulations Ella!

Congratulations to Ella in year 8 who is continuing to make us proud! She recently came 1st in the Welsh National under 14’s solo Latin and ballroom as well as 1st in the DPA National league under 14’s solo ballroom and Latin events.

She is also ranked  11th and 12th in Latin and ballroom in the UK for solo competing in the Dance Promoters Association national league table!

Even more sugar for even more charitable donations

We remind you about another wonderful (and sugary) charity day we are having at Westbourne next week – cake sale in aid of IB1’s slavery run.

Students have organised a 24 hour race with the donations of the event going to a charity that aims to stop slavery.

They used to do what now???

Year 6 had a wonderful time at the Cosmeston Medieval village! The children braved the rain and cold to see how people used to live in the ‘good old days’ – from going to work at the age of 6 to having two-seated loos with no doors! Their guide John introduced them to some old-time characters and gave them facts about how they lived.

Ask your child about some of the more interesting jobs we learned of, and see how many facts they can remember!

Westbourne School pupils have a day of exploring a Medieval village

You can’t say we don’t love a good costume moment!

Never too early to start learning about business
Westbourne School INSEAD workshop day

Charlotte is ready to convince her potential customers they want a big, electric van!

As part of our commitment to preparing students for life beyond school and our unique relationship with INSEAD, one of the world’s leading business schools, this week saw an all-day workshop for Year 11, Pre-IB and IB1 students.

Hosted by Adrian Johnson, one of INSEAD’s MBA Professors and Director of Summer@INSEAD, the workshop gave pupils a unique insight into the Live Case methodology used across MBA programmes, as well as an excellent insight into the business world.

The day began with everyone being put into a random group, teaching students that you don’t always get to choose your colleagues. Each team was then assigned a business and teams had to choose their business leaders, CEO’s, CFO’s, COO etc.

The students had to conduct market research, create presentations, convince investors and much more in order to ensure the success of their venture.

Everyone found the tasks to be fun and engaging, as well as useful and informative. Students understood more about what the exclusive Summer@INSEAD programme is as well and understand more about the criteria for applying.

Andre, from IB1 and CFO of Team Lynx for the day shares his thoughts:


“The day with Adrian Johnson was very interesting. We learned much about INSEAD as well as business. It was very good to gain the experience of a live case of a company which is going to be part of the Summer @INSEAD Camp. It was stunning to learn so many things about business in such a short time. The BeeCar competition was very fun and I learned much from it.”
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