All Season Beach School

Posted: 4th December 2019

All Season Beach School

Beach School have not been deterred by the change in the seasons and have had a great time exploring how those seasonal changes can affect the coastline. We have seen a change in the ferocity of the waves and the tides and have even found whole trees washed up on the beach!! These discoveries are a great way to get children thinking for themselves and using their imaginations.

Each week without fail we wrap up warm and head out to see what we can learn from the natural area around us.

Westbourne school beach school math lesson

Math is a lot more fun now!

All year Prep School groups have been getting involved participating in a wide range of tasks; from counting items into number buckets, den building and developing survival skills, sorting pebbles according to size, making patterns and even creating our own replica beaches.

It has been wonderful to see the children settle into the outdoor learning environment and grow in confidence with risk taking. They are exploring in a more confident and thoughtful way and are showing a real respect for the beach and all it has to offer.

Westbourne Prep beach school shelter

Our cozy shelter for when we need to wait out the rain

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