Bird Watch!

Posted: 31st May 2013

Eco School gets counting!

Eco-school members at Westbourne joined over 2000 other schools staying quiet in order to count the birds in the playground as part of the RSPB Big Schools Bird Watch. Mr Underhill was correct in his prediction that the common gull would feature most dominantly!

Crows and sparrows were also frequently recorded. The results from the bird watch feed into the national results which enables the RSPB to create a snapshot of how birds are doing around the UK.

If birds are struggling, this is an indicator that other animals may be in danger as birds play an important role in seed dispersal, keeping the population of the living creatures that they feed under control and they are also important in the food chain being the prey to mammals and larger birds.

As part of the eco schools project, the students are hoping to attract more wildlife to Westbourne over the coming year which in turn will hopefully encourage more birds.

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