teacher talking to the class

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Posted: 8th March 2019

teacher talking to the class
So What is World Book Day?

World Book Day got off to a flying start across the school, in part due to some exceptionally stormy weather! 

World Book Day is a charitable organisation which aims to bring the joy of reading and literature to millions of children across the UK by providing National Book Tokens to purchase a book of their choice.

From authors such as Lauren Child to Malorie Blackman, with a whole host of genres and themes, it is the best time to pick up and read and a great way to encourage literacy.

In celebration of this, Westbourne School, with the help of Mr Pocknell and year 6, hosted and sold books at a special Book Fayre. Running throughout the school day the Fayre had the added bonus of giving the school the opportunity to earn free books with each book sold helping towards the total.

Year 7 brave the weather!

A little stormy weather didn’t stand in the way of World Book Day being celebrated, as Year 7 braved the gusts to collect their free World Book Day books from Mel Griffin at Griffin Books in Penarth.

The class was thrilled to hand over their vouchers in exchange for their choice of free book.

The initiative is funded by booksellers and publishers for the charity World Book Day. Once again it was remarked by a member of the public just how well-behaved and polite our pupils are – a credit to themselves, their school and their families. Well done Westbourne!

world book day celebrations penarth

Griffin Books in Penarth, offering respite from the weather and free books!

Wimpy kid inspiration!

Some of years 6 and 7 were ‘reunited’ to share a special World Book Day with Ms Chinnock- the group were treated to a videocast by Jeff Kinney, author of the ‘Wimpey Kid’ books, and they learned how CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis. 

Stuff kinda like slang, whizz-banging onomatopoeia and other devices could help make their writing funnier.

They then created a cartoon of a humorous event in their own life. Hopefully nothing too embarrassing will be revealed…

world book day in penarth

Making writing funnier! English with Mrs Chinnock.

Words from Mr Pocknell

“We are very fortunate at Westbourne in that our pupils have supportive parents who acknowledge the importance of reading; World Book Day is dedicated to ‘celebrating the importance of reading for pleasure’.

The children have all had the freedom to choose their title from a selection of ten books – some have chosen books as presents for younger siblings, even, which is wonderful.

The big ambition for 2019 is to ‘Share a Story’ – and it would be great if parents could ask their children about their choices and maybe even read together.

It is so important that we encourage reading as this stimulates the imagination, expands the vocabulary, increases general knowledge and helps the reader develop their own communication skills – all crucial in the development of young minds!”

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