Celebrating our IB Class of 2021

Posted: 16th April 2021

The Westbourne Weekly

As we welcome students back to school following the Easter break, this week is also a very special week for our IB2 students, whose last official day at Westbourne is today.

This evening, we will acknowledge the achievements of our IB2 students with a special celebration at school. We are excited to welcome IB2 pupils and their parents, both in person and via Zoom, as we mark the students’ time at Westbourne and celebrate the wonderful stories and lifelong friendships that have been forged over the past two years.

Stay tuned next week for all the highlights from this evening’s celebrations!

IB1 Extended Essay presentations

This week, IB1 presented their Extended Essay ideas to their classmates and answered questions on their research question. The Extended Essay is a 4000-word independent research essay that takes the pupils about six months to complete during IB1.

A range of complex essay areas were presented, with examples including ‘Can the orbit of the moon by Gauss’ method be determined precisely using the worldwide telescope data?’, ‘Can morality be programmed in computers?’ and ‘The impact of the MV Wakashio crash on both marine and human life in Mauritius.

We look forward to working with our IB1 students from here to support them in producing some thought-provoking pieces of work.

IB independent school Wales

IB1 presenting their essay topics

Fencing World Championships

Congratulations to Aiden, one of our Pre-IB students, who has ranked #4 in Hong Kong and #40 in the world in his age group for fencing. Aiden reached the second round of the highly prestigious Fencing World Championships in Cairo last month. This is such an impressive sporting achievement – huge congratulations to Aiden!

IB Sixth Form Wales

Aiden in Cairo

IB private school Cardiff

Fencing at the world championships

Tennis National Finals

Talented tennis player, Felix, Year 9, has taken part in a national tennis match series in Corby, competing against the top 20 UK boys and girls in his age group. Felix came 1st in his box, winning 4 out of his 5 matches, which means he has made it through to the national finals! Well done, Felix, on a great show of skill, especially in beating the No. 3 player in the UK!

He will be returning to the competition in a couple of weeks to play in the Under 14 finals as one of only eight GB players to make it through.

Tennis private school Cardiff

Felix (far left)

Eisteddfod winner!

More congratulations, this time to Mathias, Year 8, who has been selected Winner of the woodwind category for his age group in the very competitive Glamorgan Music School Online Eisteddfod 2021!

You can watch Mathias’ beautiful performance of his chosen piece below at 1:03:00. There’s even an appearance by Brian Blessed announcing the winners at the end…



Experimenting with solubility

Year 5 had great fun this week investigating solubility in Science. They worked together to identify which solids would dissolve, before testing out their predictions. Next week, as part of their ongoing studies, the class will be investigating reversible changes and how to separate the solutions.

Cardiff independent Prep school STEM

Smiles in Science this week

Observational drawing

Year 3 began a study of French artist Henri Rousseau this week. They discussed how to add depth to a piece of work and spent time sketching observational drawings, investigating a variety of leaf and plant shapes. There were some beautiful studies, not to mention amazing concentration and attention to detail!

Top private school Wales

Year 3 concentrating on perfecting their studies

Investigating the effects of exercise

Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic Q&A session this week focusing on how the body adapts when we exercise, and how understanding the body can improve performance. The pupils gave some superb answers, informed by their own performances in a long distance run and some speedy sprinting!



Showjumping triumph!

Cornelia, Year 2, has been placed 2nd out of 15 children in the Badgeworth Arena Under 7s showjumping competition, and 5th out of 21 competitors in the Under 8s category.

Congratulations, Cornelia, on such a wonderful achievement! We are looking forward to following your progress throughout the year.

Private school Wales horseriding champion

Cornelia in action on her horse

Stars of the Week

Once again, there are so many stars we could nominate this week! Well done to everyone in the Prep School for working so hard and for making such an enthusiastic return to school. We are very proud of you all.

Reception: Zoe for applying herself so well to her work this week and for her lovely, kind attitude to her friends! Congratulations, Zoe!

Year 1: Isaac for his excellent knowledge and understanding of place value in Mathematics. Well done!

Year 2: Bella for her fantastic work studying the traditional tale of Baba Yaga. Your use of vocabulary and the detail you put into your story map was incredible! Well done, Bella!

Year 3: Tomos and Bea (Mo) for their brilliant work in their STEM rollercoaster. Great teamwork!

Year 4: Tom for his excellent knowledge of Roman numerals. Congratulations, Tom!

Year 5: Peter for being so principled when confronted with a difficult situation. We are super proud of you, Peter.

Getting to Know…

This week we talk to our Reception teacher, Mrs Laura Morgan.

Top independent school Penarth

Mrs Morgan and family

How long have you worked at Westbourne? I starting working at Westbourne a little over 5 years ago. During my time here I’ve worked with all the age groups, from Nursery to Year 5, taught a variety of subjects and have finally come to rest in Reception.

What’s your background and experience? I was born in Canada and was used to always being outdoors. I knew growing up that I didn’t want an office job and so I became a landscape gardener. However, I have always loved being with children and would spend my summer holidays at a youth camp set on the world’s largest freshwater Island, Manitoulin, in Northern Ontario. When I met my husband and moved to Wales, we took on the youth group at our church and I also I started working at my children’s primary school and teaching piano lessons. At one point I had 17 students, but one of my students had a mum who worked in Westbourne and who introduced me to the school. I soon learned what a special place it was and haven’t looked back!

What’s the best part of working at Westbourne? I really enjoy how happy it is here. The staff and students alike are always smiling and have a real affection for one another. I know it’s cliché but it really does feel like family and we all want the best for one another.

What does your role mean to you? The Reception class is a really special place to be. This is the children’s first chapter in what they call “big school” and I know what a big step that is for them and their parents. I want them to know that I am here for them, keeping them safe, helping them with their work and hopefully making them realise they are capable of anything. We learn a lot of phonics, numbers and reading here but we also learn to be caring, to be respectful and to be a team.

What are you most proud of? I’ve had a really fulfilled life but I think if I had to pick one thing that fills me with a sense of achievement it would be my children. I have one daughter living in Germany, another daughter who is finishing her A levels, and a son who is in Year 8 at Westbourne. They have all grown up into polite and caring individuals who are making the world a better place. I can’t take all the credit for this but I sure am happy to watch them taking on life with courage – especially during the last 12 months.

How do you relax when you’re not at school? I still love my gardening. Every year I get out in my veggie patch! I also enjoy painting and even writing. I haven’t had anything published yet but maybe one day…!

What’s the most challenging and the most rewarding part of your role? I can honestly say there has never been anything which has seriously discouraged me. I’ve got a supportive team who help and give advice whenever I need it. Covid has been a challenge to us all I suppose, but I so admire the parents and children this year who have given their best during unprecedented times. The most rewarding part has got to be hands down, the children themselves. They are all adorable, amazing individuals. I think this week’s news writing task made it very clear that this is the place for me. One little boy wrote, “I had a lot of fun this Easter Holiday but I missed Mrs Morgan.” That’s all the reward I need!

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