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Posted: 12th June 2019

Running for the freedom of others

This week, Year 10 and IB students received a highly insightful and challenging talk from student led charity RTSTT (Running To Stop The Traffik). An initiative run by students for students, dedicated to educating others about the reality of modern day slavery in order to make positive change.

Led, by Daniel, originally from Norway and currently living in Hong Kong. Daniel left a potential career in banking, to pursue, what he could only describe as ‘a calling’, the desire for a life dedicated to helping reduce slavery and the human misery it entails, across the modern world.


“As of 2019, 40 million slaves exist across the globe – only 0.2% gain freedom and proper help.”

Daniel provided an inspired insight, initially by breaking down exactly what slavery is and how it can be present, not only internationally, but also locally; as close as Cardiff. He expanded on this subject by describing some of the heartbreaking stories he had experienced through his work with RTSTT.

Leaving students with the alarming statistic that over $4billion worth of goods produced in the USA may have been touched by slaves hands.


Top IB School Charity Talk

Year 10 and IB students listen to Daniel’s talk

Change through education

As part of the ongoing battle against modern day slavery, RTSTT educates others using two unique channels as well as creating challenging fundraising events.

‘Operation 24’ is one initiative, with donations directed to slavery victims and other global charities, including educating local authorities in identifying and stopping slavery and trafficking in their area.

The second channel, relevant to Westbourne’s talk, is used to inspire and work with the next generation. By engaging with students, RTSTT hopes that message and level of involvement in making a positive change will spread. All of the events, meeting and committees are all run by students, for students.

The 24 hour race!
Charity Runners

The 24hour race begins…

The cornerstone fund raising event, is the ’24 hour race’, the largest student run global movement to end slavery. Students from across the globe organise and run races around the clock, developing valuable social entrepreneurship skills whilst they help out.

Often participants are woken up at 4am to run; a tiny experience in the life of a slave. The race has taken part in Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, San Francisco and New York.

Daniel’s parting message was simply ‘Cardiff?’.


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