a closer look at a bridge spire

Civil engineers of the future

Posted: 8th March 2019

a closer look at a bridge spire
An insight into the world of civil engineering

As part of Westbourne’s commitment to opening up the work place and exploring future possibilities beyond the classroom, GCSE and IB students had the unique opportunity to explore the world of civil engineering, with two events in the past week. The Institute of Civil Engineering and Griffiths Engineering, in two unique events helped students discover more.

Engineering at Westbourne

Making straw bridges with Griffiths Engineering

Founded in 1968, Griffiths Engineering is highly regarded and successful Welsh engineering business, winning gold at the Careers Wales Valued Partner Awards. Students from Year 10 – IB1 gained the very best knowledge and awareness into the world of engineering and potential future job opportunities.

From highways and bridges to road surfacing and urban regeneration, students certainly had a plethora of avenues to explore.

Abi, a Year 10, GCSE student who took part in the course, had this to say:

“It was interesting because we got to discover the different types of engineering and it opened our eyes to different career opportunities. We were shown lots of videos and given advice for ways we could go into engineering after school life. During the afternoon, we did a hands-on practical, where we had to make bridges out of paper straws. This was a fun and interactive activity which allowed everyone to get a glimpse of what engineering could possibly be like. I really enjoyed the afternoon and I learned that everything around us, above and below us, is due to the work of millions of engineers who are constantly creating and shaping the world that we live in.”
Westbourne students

Abi, Year 10 shares her experience.

To add to their already growing knowledge of Civil Engineering, students were also given a talk from ICE, the Institute of Civil Engineers. With 92,00 members spanning across the UK and the globe, ICE’s main ambition as an organisation is to support civil engineers and technicians throughout their careers. Again, Years 10, 11, Pre-IB and IB1 students gained key information to help guide them in selecting the right path for their future.

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