Covid-19 update

Posted: 22nd October 2020

Principal’s update

As expected and, for many of you, as you may have already seen in the media, Wales is due to go into a fortnight “firebreak lockdown” from October 23rd at 6pm until the morning of November 9th . Our two week half-term clearly covers the first week of this planned lockdown, but the second overlaps with the first week of our next half-term, from the 2nd November.

According to the official instructions from the Welsh Assembly Government, the only year groups permitted to attend schools from the 2nd to the 9th November are those up to and including year 8. The remainder of the Senior School will be expected to stay at home to receive online lessons for this week.

Although further information will be issued next week, be assured that pupils not physically in the school will be expected to register with form tutors at 8.50am each morning, and be available online for each of their lessons throughout the day.

Furthermore, ALL pupils will be expected to return to school on Monday the 9th November, which corresponds to the end of the lockdown period.

I appreciate the reasons behind the government’s lockdown, but I am also confident of the plans of support we have in place to ensure that all students from Year 9 and up will receive an excellent online provision for the five days proceeding our half-term.

As ever, if you have any queries regarding the week after half term, please feel free to contact me any time.

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