Fantastic footwork from Westbourne team

Posted: 29th November 2019

Student Blog Post: Westbourne Wanderers Vs St Cyres

St Cyres came into the game with a good reputation, and, for the first five minutes, they were on the offence. Westbourne felt pressured, but they quickly got organised and managed to hang on and defend well.
Once the team became more settled and aligned with the pace of the offence, they played a good the counterattack, and Eloy finished brilliantly as he placed the ball in the back of the net. This clearly did wonders for the Westbourne confidence, especially as this was their first competitive game together.

From the moment the first goal was scored the Wanderers never looked back, and they began to take complete control of the game. St Cyres’s initial confidence was their undoing, as for most of the first half only had one defender, making it very easy for Westbourne to break through and take shots. Westbourne had pace and used this to their advantage, especially down the wings.

Although most of their players were much taller, the better skill lay with Westbourne, and they quickly added another goal just before half-time.

Similar tactics in the second half led to yet another goal; but over-confidence led to our own drop in concentration and Westbourne was punished for this – St Cyres scored a goal. And another soon after. The score was now 3-2!
Westbourne re-grouped and Ronnie scored the best goal of the day. He got past two players, using impeccable skill and a “nutmeg” to finally a shot to make the score 4-2. Game over.

First game – first win! Great for the Wanderers, looking forward to the next.


by Islam

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