Friday Night In

Posted: 9th March 2020

Spending Friday night in school

Our IB students have been raising money for the 24 Hour Race challenge they will be undertaking soon. The 24 Hour Race is the largest student-run global movement to end slavery with races in cities across the globe.

To fundraise our Sixth Formers have been organising fruit and cupcakes sales as well as non-uniform days. Their biggest project took part last Friday after school hours when they invited students from lower years to join them for a Big Night In.

Cardiff IB boarding students organise fundraising

Hair braiding was one of the most popular stations!

Some 54 students joined to the fun and were treated to a school disco, a treasure hunt, face painting or hair braiding. For the sporty, there was an organised game of football and for everyone else, a showing of films, complete with snacks!

Everyone enjoyed the evening and many of us were surprised that the children just did not seem to tire – even approaching ten o’clock some younger pupils were still making dens out of cardboard boxes!

Mr Pocknell, who helped organise the event alongside the International Baccalaureate students, said:

Everything was organised and managed by our students, who worked tirelessly to ensure that everyone was entertained, safe, fed and watered, and generally having a good time. On behalf of the ‘runners’ I would like to thank all the parents involved for helping us raise money for a very worthy cause, and we hope in return that the parents had a nice, relaxing evening!
Penarth teacher helps organise fundraiser

Mr Pocknell

Westbourne School fundraising for CAS

Face painting in full swing

IB students organise event to fund their CAS project

The school disco was a big success

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