Half term reflections

Posted: 22nd February 2019

Half Term reflections

Dear Parents,

The last week of every half-term seems to come around far too quick – I feel as though I have not had the chance to do that much, but on reflection, I realise how much our pupils have done. From examinations to charity work, to coursework, presentations, assemblies, coffee mornings, house events, school council, visits and celebrations of achievements both inside and outside the school, the time has flown.

I thank Year 8 for their fantastic assembly on “Valentine’s Day” and the meaning of the love of those who we hold so dear. However, at times when we spare a lot of thought of who we perceive to be our closest and loveliest, we can forget or ignore other people who are also quite close.

I remembered a story from an assembly I listened to over forty years ago – and it is called “When my grandmother lived with us”, you can read the story below. This had a profound effect on the students, who I am glad to say looked at not only the relevancy of this story but also to think about other people they may take for granted in their lives too.

We have a chance to recharge batteries next week – staff as well as pupils!
Enjoy, take care and think of others while you do so.

Best wishes,

Dr. G Griffiths

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Time to relax and take stock at half term

My Grandmother lived with us

I don’t remember how old I was when my grandmother came to live with us – but I guess I must have been about 8 or 9, as I was quite young but I can recall her arriving.

We lived in a big house but my grandmother was told that her room was in a utility room off the kitchen – well it was a large wooden box, in the laundry room.

Grandmother was never allowed to leave the laundry room unless it was at the end of meal times – when scraps of food from our meal were put into a bag and she was permitted to take that into her box. She never spoke to us – and I wasn’t allowed to speak to her.

This went on for some time – certainly until I went to high school. For me, it was the normal way that people lived.

However, things changed towards the end of Year 7 – I was given a technology project, entitled “Build for the future”. I was very excited and had planned exactly what I wanted to make. I selected all the materials I would need from school and took them home to begin my work.

It was Friday evening, and I began putting my project together on the kitchen table. About 6 pm my parents came in with a takeaway meal, and they asked me about my work. I said it was a Technology project “Build for the future” – but I will never forget the look on their faces when they asked me what I was building.

“Well”, I said, “it is a box for you both when you are old”.

Grandmother never lived in her box after that night – and I never got to finish my project.


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