IB Diploma Biology field trip

Posted: 19th May 2022

Ecology and conservation in Wales

Every year, our IB1 Biology students spend three days at FSC Dale Fort, a leading field studies centre in West Wales, to take part in intensive practical work in ecology and conservation.

Due to the recent pandemic the trip had been postponed, until now!

Independent Cardiff school pupils

Westbourne IB1 Biology students

IB Diploma trip private Penarth school

Processing data at the beach

Outdoor learning

The students had been looking forward to their trip and were keen to get started right away, spending all of Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday morning collecting and processing data from the nearby beach, salt marsh and the classroom.

Inspired by the rich ecology of their surroundings, the budding biologists worked hard with dedication and enthusiasm (even during the odd rain shower!). They learnt a lot about life on a rocky shore and how various factors affect the plants and animals living there, and spent time measuring molluscs and collecting data for work on energy flow through ecosystems.

They also became familiar with the plant life on a salt marsh, studying the ways in which plant species change with increasing height up the marsh. The students even got to taste a few of the edible plants!

Residential trip leading private school Cardiff

Meeting the locals

Westbourne IB Diploma Biology students

Teamwork at the beach

Acquiring new skills that will prepare them to carry out their own ecological surveys back at school, everyone really enjoyed the exciting, hands-on experience.

We are fortunate to be located near some of the most important ecological and geographical sites in the UK. Dale is the perfect setting to deepen students’ knowledge with some intensive practical learning, whilst allowing them to see more of Wales and its fantastic scenery. We can’t wait to visit again next year!

Cardiff pupils on a residential trip

A spectacular backdrop for study

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