IB Diploma student art exhibition

Posted: 29th March 2022

Sixth Form student art exhibition

This month, we are delighted to unveil our annual Sixth Form Art Exhibition, presented by our IB2 pupils studying Visual Arts. Our students have transformed the IB area of our Senior School into a gallery to exhibit their coursework as part of their studies, showcasing incredible talent, passion and dedication to their work.

To develop real life experiences as artists, students have curated their pieces independently  focusing on how viewers interact with their artwork in the space. Our Sixth Form students have incorporated a range of media including ceramics, painting, photography through to digital work and animation with sound. With each individual curation, the viewer is visually immersed in elaborate concepts and ideas, with themes ranging from identity, fear, sense of becoming, sense of place, and entrapment, using subtle imagery, signs or symbols.

IB2 students Anna, Polina and Wesley proudly launched the exhibition of their work today as part of their IB Diploma.

Wesley’s Artwork

Digital Illustration
“Beyond Money is a direct aftermath to “Dreaming”. It shows the perversion and corruption of an artists’ identity at the hands of societal expectations. The once pure curiosity to explore and invent is now shallow, operating on bare minimum in an entanglement of wires, as his realistic self is hidden behind artistic metaphors and a chaotic state of ruin. He is blissfully showered in golden stars, engrossed in validation and self-pity. A pawn store sign casts an evangelical halo over his image.”

Artwork by Independent sixth form students

“Beyond Money”

Acrylic Paint, Pencil
“This painting is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s vibrant patterns, showing death juxtaposed against film reels of the living- despite harsh realities and the impending inevitability of death, human perseverance prevails in a dynamic expression of identity and culture.”

Art created by Penarth sixth form students


Animation Video Installation
“Denial” explores the fine line between reality and premonition. Inspired by Meiro Koizumi’s “Angels Of Testimony”, it is the first part of a 5-phase animation about grief where the protagonist boards a night train, on a metaphorical journey of unpacking his emotional baggage. Here, he finds himself unable to associate himself with his emotions. I tried depicting a R.E.M (dreamlike) state by creating representations of mental images in pencil and traced images, juxtaposed against a Cardiff Train. Different perspectives and frames blend into each other, and a chair is set up to fully immerse the viewer into the piece’s environment. (Full animation on my art instagram account @blaircorbyn)”

Independent students exhibit artwork


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