IB students attend TEDx talks programme

Posted: 17th February 2023

A platform for global discussion

TEDx is a forum to discuss and discover exciting new ideas and research from practitioners across the globe, bringing leading-edge thinking to local audiences. The TEDx talks programme covers topics often linked to Theory of Knowledge, a core component of the IB Diploma.

Our IB1 students were delighted to attend a TEDX event in Cardiff on the theme of ‘Connections’. They listened to inspirational talks from leading global thinkers, including a glaciologist, a socio-linguist, a song writer, an animal behaviourist and a guitar physicist.

World-class speakers

Highlights included a talk by Dr Liz Bagshaw, who specialises in glaciology, biogeochemistry and microbiology, on how life exists in extreme cold environments, what impact it has, and how we can measure it.

Nicky Trevorrow, Cat Protection’s Behaviour Manager and specialist in feline behaviour and welfare, offered an insight into psychological behaviour and connections to humans.

Welsh singer-songwriter Bronwen Lewis, who stars in BAFTA award-winning and Golden Globe nominated film ‘Pride’, discussed the connections music makes and gave an inspiring talk about linguistics.

Dr Jaspal Naveel Singh is a lecturer in linguistics at the Open University. His research focuses on how language shapes our understandings of gender, sexuality and race.

Dr Mark Lewney has a PhD in Guitar Acoustics and has been performing physics and maths shows around the world since 2005. This amazing speaker explained the physics of vibrations – a fascinating and hilarious talk!

Everyone had a brilliant time, with the topics providing limitless scope for further discussion. We can’t wait to go back next year.

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