IB2 Visual Arts exhibition

Posted: 17th March 2023

A showcase of talent

Final year students on the IB Diploma Visual Arts course proudly unveiled their work this week in our Innovation Hub, part of which has been transformed into a pop-up art gallery.

Curating an exhibition is a requirement of the IB Visual Arts programme, but it also presents an opportunity to celebrate the ambitious, intriguing and skilled work that the students have created over the past months.

The exhibition is an exciting culmination of individual artists’ journeys, where students have explored independently chosen themes and numerous art making forms – from painting, printmaking, photography and digital art, to sculpture, installations and more.

Meet the artists

We took time to catch up with the exhibiting artists at the opening of the show this week, asking them to discuss the inspirations and motivations behind their work.

Rochelle put a lot of time into fragmenting the images in her pieces; she wanted to enable the audience to really explore the depth of her pieces. She said it was very difficult to hang the pieces, with it taking three weeks to build her most intricate work – each fragment had to be precisely hung to create the image exactly as it was intended to be seen.

Jason spent more than three weeks, working every day, to create his favourite piece, an animation that was drawn entirely in Procreate. He had to draw so many frames that he had lost count of them by the time his animation came to life. Speaking to him at the exhibition opening, it was clear just how much introspection Jason had gone through during his artistic journey and how he has proudly grown as an individual.

Comprised of more than 250 hand-drawn frames, Anson’s animation, titled ‘One Day’, ebbed with artistic passion. Creating the background alone took longer than five weeks. The animation represents her journey in her own life, working hard and chasing her dream. It felt both emotional and impressive to watch.

Lilian’s favourite piece is her dress. The piece is called ‘Something Blue’, based on the wedding tradition. It represents the weight of emotions during a special occasion. The tissues that make up the dress are connected to tears shed and the empty inside represents feeling hollow. The piece was completed by the heart to the side of the dress; it was shown to be misshapen and injured but repaired by beautiful experiences, much like those she has had in her own life.

Kalista couldn’t choose one piece to call her favourite. She had worked a lot with textiles to create her pieces for the exhibition. Her passion for textiles stems from a traditional sewing shop that she lived above in Hong Kong. It was her place where she could leave her worries behind. The passing of her cat was a major inspiration for her. She found similarities between the cat in the shop and her own cat who loved to watch traffic. The detail shown in her centrepiece, ‘Serenity amidst Chaos’, shows the sewing shop scene in all its glory, created entirely using coloured biros.

Congratulations to all the students for putting on such an impressive showcase of work that is deeply personal and inspiring. We have already received outstanding feedback from parents, staff, students and the wider community, and look forward to more visitors attending the Innovation Hub in the coming days.

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