‘It’s all about me’ week!

Posted: 24th June 2020

The Westbourne Weekly View

A highly studious week for our Senior School and IB Diploma students as we embark upon the internal exam season, sensitively managed with simply one test per day, our Westbourne Online community did not fail to delight with excellent attendance, some clearly well-considered revision and teacher support on standby as required. Well done Westbourne Senior & IB!

Whilst our older students tested their knowledge, our younger Prep School pupils continued in their fabulous pursuit of knowledge, guided this week by the theme ‘It’s All About You.” As many of the students featured below highlight, learning about ourselves can be quite the adventure.

From exploring bone structure, plotting heart rates, describing the digestive system from the perspective of a morsel of food to mindfulness, meditation and yoga, the week proved a roaring success and we very much look forward to next week’s exploration of ‘All things STEM’

Early Years Stars of the Week

Sofia’s cookery and Lyanna’s artwork saw them both awarded Star of the Week for Early Years.

A challenge for budding entrepreneurs saw Sofia awarded Star of the Week in our Early Years setting this week. Tasked with cooking up a favourite food, pupils also had to make a convincing sales and marketing pitch to the ‘Hannah’s Wonderful Foods’ store. 

Sofia made a very convincing pitch for her yummy carbonara,  marketed via a cooking video to demonstrate the recipe instructions! Further negotiation with Hannah allowed the store to make a modest £1 profit for every carbonara sold!

A second Star of the Week, Lyanna was also nominated for her information book which showed some fabulous illustrations on the theme ‘all about me.’

Amazing hard work this week…well done Early Years…it was also a lot of fun watching you on Zoom showing us the amazing things your body can do!

nursery in penarth

Our Early Years pupils show off the amazing things our bodies can do!

Year’s 2 & 3 Stars of the Week

Congratulations to our Year 2 Star of the Week, Grace for creating an excellent recipe, as well as designing, packaging and cooking a delicious curry as part of the ‘favourite food day’.

On a further food-related note, Harrison’s fruity nutty surprise won him Star of the Week for Year 3. The task was to create a healthy snack and encourage others of the benefits of eating it!

prep school artwork

Harrison’s fruity nut surprise won him Star of the Week for Year 3

Year 4 Star of the Week

Johnny took us back in time this week, with his well-researched newspaper article on the moon landing, an extract featured below, which saw him awarded Star of the Week.

Well done Year 4, as the images show, it’s been a busy week for our Year 4’s!


Well done Johnny for being awarded Star of the Week

primary school penarth healthy eating in school

Delicious milk and strong bones!

primary school in wales smoothies

JJ’s delicious looking Apple Banana YumYum, created as part of our ‘keeping healthy’ day

primary school penarth maths

Yousif and Meher ‘figure themselves out’!

Alfie’s brilliant skeleton!

primary  school penarth wellness week

Lots of fun was had making stress balls and calm down glitter jars!

Year 5 Stars of the Week

Stars of the Week were awarded to Rafferty, for excellent maths work, including his use of Pi, as well as David, for his time capsule work, on life in lockdown, featured below.


2020 lockdown, covid-19 (coronavirus) – by David, Year 5

This is a time capsule of 2020.

In this time capsule, I will tell you about the following things that are happening during this lockdown in 2020.

Daily life during the 2020 covid-19 lockdown: Life during this lockdown was way different in all kinds of different ways like: for children not going to school, not having any work or in our schools, do work on a computer. Lots of our things we normally did are also different like going to a shop. Most shops were closed but the shops where you would buy food were open. They had lots of special rules. Like social distancing to prevent the spread of the covid-19(coronavirus). In some shops you had to follow arrows so you could maintain social distancing. It changed my daily life a lot.

Positive things: But there are also lot’s of positive things about the lockdown. You had more time to do your hobbies. People got better with computers. There is more time with your family. So the lockdown could actually be fun and you could learn a lot of new things.


Computer: a device used to: search on the internet, play video games,make video calls and check your emails and a lot more.

Social distancing: A measure taken to prevent the spread of covid-19(coronavirus) in this case 2 meters.

Hobbies Things you like to do, like some of my hobbies are playing the organ (musical instrument), reading a book, listening to a book, craft, playing board games and many more.


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