Lexus Car Cardiff Design Competition

Posted: 31st May 2013

Westbourne Winner

Once again Lexus, a car company in Cardiff have run a competition for Westbourne pupils to design a new wrap to promote one of the cars, the CT200h. 

The winning design was by Moritz, a year 9 student from Germany who has been with Westbourne for 2 years. His design was based on the car being eco-friendly. Mortiz has won a mountain bike due to his outstanding idea!

Several students took part in the competition and there were plenty of creative designs to choose from. As such, 9 finalists also received £10 WH Smith’s Book vouchers and the school received £500 worth of sporting equipment. 

For those of you wanting to see Mortiz’s winning design, the CT200h is parked in front of Westbourne senior school.

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