Mastering robotics technology

Posted: 14th June 2022

STEM students create lifelike robotics

Students across our Prep and Senior schools have been designing personalised models and lifelike robotics as part of a programme of intensive STEM learning, delivering the school’s most innovative and futuristic creations to date.

Westbourne penarth year 8 pupils

Year 8 pupils designing their models

Year 5 have been learning to create models using 3D software, and have excelled in understanding the new technology as well as operating the school’s newest 3D printers. From September, all pupils in our Prep School will participate in a dedicated STEM School – an exciting new curriculum extension that allows for complete immersion in a STEM project every half term.

In the Senior School, our Year 8 pupils have designed chess pieces, slicing and printing them in preparation for more sophisticated models. The students have also been been designing, creating and testing robotic hands. The students’ initial prototype model finger was printed in one piece, with the joints created as part of the main structure.

Having mastered working jointed fingers, the class will assemble their fingers into hands which will be programmed to move using Raspberry Pi computers. This will allow the students to instruct the hands to move when sensors detect a stimulus.

We are looking forward to the exciting creations being printed in the coming weeks!

Stem students at independent senior school Cardiff

A pupil designing her robot structure

Leading private school Cardiff

Robotic fingers!

The importance of STEM

STEM focuses on four key subjects – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – and how they are applied in real-world settings.

At Westbourne School, we are proud to offer a challenging and diverse STEM curriculum, providing hands-on, interactive learning for pupils of all ages.

Pupils use experimentation, trial and error, creativity and imagination to thrive in a STEM environment. Through this learning, our students build resilience and practical skills alongside a strong foundation of scientific knowledge which they can use across other subjects and in real-world situations.

A range of engaging and exciting STEM trips illuminate the pupils’ classroom learnings and further bring the core topics to life.

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