Prep community celebrates National Selfie Day

Posted: 22nd June 2022

Embracing the selfie trend

This week marked National Selfie Day (21st June), and our teachers were inspired to grab their phones or tablets to snap a picture of themselves with their class.

Across our Prep School, we saw some fantastic, funny selfies to express the unique character of each class – offering an insight into the warmth and togetherness of the Westbourne Prep community!

Independent prep school pupils penarth


Independent school Wales

Year 1

Public Prep School Students

Year 2

Westbourne School spirit and community

We believe that happy children learn well. From small class sizes and one-to-one support, to a diverse, innovative curriculum, we are proud of our nurturing school environment that supports our pupils to thrive.

Our students forge strong bonds from Nursery all the way to Sixth Form, ensuring a close-knit community where they feel safe, secure and confident to learn.

Independent prep school students Cardiff

Year 3

Private prep school Cardiff

Year 4

Private prep and senior school Wales

Year 4

Prep School Head Teacher With Students

Year 5

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