Ready, Set, Go Karting!

Posted: 19th May 2022

Phenomenal achievement

We are celebrating three of our Year 9 students, Hector, Tom and Percy, for their outstanding performance at the Finals of the British Schools Karting Championships (BSKC) in Reading.

The boys achieved one first, two third and three eighth positions. During the race, each driver had a ten minute practice and then raced twice in their heat. The first heat was a 10 minute race followed by a second heat for 8 minutes.

Overall, the team finished 6th out of 12 teams and achieved the second-fastest lap of the day, showing real Westbourne spirit throughout the competition.

Year 9 Westbourne pupil at British Schools Karting Championships

British Schools Karting Championships

British Schools Karting Championships Westbourne School students

Ready for the race

Determination & motivation

Starting the sport only recently, the boys have consistently demonstrated fantastic commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to the competition. They have formed an amazing bond while supporting and encouraging each other and working as a team.

The students hope to compete again next year and build on their recent success to become best in class nationally.

“I loved representing Westbourne at the BSKC. Hector, Percy and myself worked hard practising our driving skills. We made a really good team. We were so excited to qualify for Reading in the Cardiff heat, where we came second. We went back and forth to Reading a number of times so we could practise on the actual track. The Reading competition was super intense as all the drivers were determined to do well. I’d love to do it again next year.”
Independent school Cardiff

Tomas, Year 9

“The best thing was having a team around me. Being a team of 3 meant there was always someone to support and always someone shouting for me to do well. Percy and Hector were the best team mates! Karting means a lot to us and we are very excited for next year! We hope that we can get to Warrington next year as we would have had experience from this year.”

Penarth school pupil at British Schools Karting Championships

Preparing for the heat

“I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved with my teammates over the past year, with all the effort we put into this competition. I hope we will be able to reach the finals in Warrington next year and represent the school.”
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Percy, Year 9

Congratulations to all three students for exploring and excelling in a new sport, paving the way for other pupils at Westbourne to experience karting too.

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