STEM Superheroes

Posted: 29th June 2020

STEM Superheroes wow us all week!

As the internal exam season draws to a close and we prepare to welcome students back into class next week as part of our phased return, congratulations go out to all our Senior School and IB1 students for their hard work, revision and excellent efforts over the entire Westbourne Online term and in particular the past two weeks – definitely a well deserved weekend of relaxation ahead!

As we reach the point where our online provision merges with our more conventional classroom lessons it is highly appropriate to announce our new student leaders for the next academic year, huge congratulations go to those nominated, full details are revealed below.

Our Prep explorers have been just as busy, as they continue on with their quest for knowledge, this week having delved into a multitude of subjects under the theme of STEM Superheroes…and what heroes they have been!

We very much look forward to seeing our pupils in person over the next two weeks and huge thanks to our international boarders who helped trial the safety measures now in place for our safe return next week.




Introducing our new student leaders

We are delighted to announce the appointment of our new student leaders for the next academic year, please join us in congratulating:

Head Girl & Head Boy: Safia & Yaroslav

In the words of our IB Coordinators:

‘Safia joined Westbourne in Year 9; she quickly proved herself to be an asset to the school community,  a most diligent student, always striving to excel. She is mature, responsible and incredibly supportive to her peers and the wider community. She proved herself as an ambassador of the school during Year 11, where she welcomed all of the new IB1 students. Safia has flourished in IB1, exhibiting all of the IB Learner Profile. She is extensively involved in charity work, and she is an inspiration to us all.’

Head Boy: Yaroslav  ‘Yaroslav joined Westbourne to study Pre IB. He has evolved into a compassionate, mature and respectful student. He always strives to improve upon his academic performance. He relishes the challenge of academia. Yaroslav has been commended for his pastoral role in Westbourne Boarding House.’

Deputy Head Girl & Boy: Dharani & Islam

Westbourne Ambassadors: Kinga, Jessica, Caitlin and Krishitha

head boy and head girl 2020 westbourne school

Two very happy students as Ms Phillips and Mrs Barber appoint Safia and Yaroslav as our Head Girl and Head Boy

deputy head boy and girl westbourne school penarth

Congratulations to Islam and Dharani, appointed Deputy Head Boy & Girl

senior prefects westbourne school

Introducing our Westbourne Ambassadors: Top left to right: Caitlin, Kinga, Krishitha and Jess – congratulations!

Superheroes in every sense!

We’ve seen a multitude of costumes and uniforms since the start of our Online Term and this, the final week, of our Online Only provision before we start our phased return on Monday 6th has definitely shown the art of saving the best to last! Introducing our very own Early Years superheroes!

prep school penarth

prep school penarth stem work

prep school penarth superheroes

Incredible inventions

STEM week kicked off across Year’s 3 – 5 with a day spent discovering some of our incredible inventors followed by the nerve-racking task of concocting an invention of their own and pitching the original idea ‘Dragon’s” style to the “Den” of their fellow classmates! Well done Westbourne Prep, as always you admirably rose to the challenge!

A further challenge saw our students turn filmmakers present science in a number of expert ways…as wonderfully demonstrated by Alfie. 



As the week continued students studied the incredible work of Alan Turing and his enigma machine, Maths lessons became an inspiration in code-cracking, whilst English classes saw students investigate the man himself and create information sheets about him, also exploring the sensitive subject of how society treated him.

Push and pull factors were also explored throughout the week with our student’s design and invention skills being put fully to the test. From catapult creation, boat building to space rovers, we’ve been astounded by our Prep School pupils powers of invention!

penarth primary school science

Zak, Year 3 design and invention skills won him star of the week. He had to design and build a boat from cardboard that was strong enough to float, even with a weight on board!

STEM primary school penarth

Hiba & Nils brilliant space rovers!

Not just a pretty sight!

As well as creating some beautiful pictures to make us all smile, rainbows also proved a brilliant Prep topic this week, facilitating discussions on the reflection, refraction and dispersion of light in water droplets, resulting in the rather beautiful rainbows we see in the sky.

westbourne prep school penarth art club

Superhero rescue

Our intrepid superheroes in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 had a huge amount of fun throughout the week, writing superhero theme tunes, saving cities and rescuing their new friends from ice danger!

With their superhero sidekicks trapped in a huge block of ice, pupils had to calculate the quickest and safest way to save their friend! We loved seeing their ingenuity at work!

The action continued when Early Years received a letter from the ‘mayor’ warning them that their city was under attack from the Joker. Not only did they have to choose which superheroes, vehicles and gadgets were going to be of best use to help save the day – they also had to keep within a strict ‘budget’!

penarth primary school science

Superhero Ice Rescue

Prep School Stars

Amongst our superheroes we also have some stars…congratulations to everyone below for being awarded Star of the Week!

Year 5: Hiba – for creating an excellent account of the daily life of an animal.

Year 4: Peter – for his outstanding word on fractions during ‘outdoor day’

Year 3: Zak – for his consistently positive attitude, super STEM challenge work and fantastic writing on Alan Turing.

Year 2: Lydia – for creating her very own amazing super hero costume and cape and writing all about her historical superhero Marie Curie & James for his brilliant maths skills and explaining how his chosen superheroes, gadgets and vehicles would save the city from the Joker

Year 1: Giulia – for becoming a super kind hero by making her friends at the post office a card and buying flowers for her to show her appreciation for all the help and boxes that she gives her. Sidonie for writing her own superhero theme tune. Sidonie thought carefully about her lyrics and tune.

prep school stars

Our Year 1 & 2 Stars of the Week – well done everybody!

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