STEM trip to the home of motorsports

Posted: 7th April 2022

STEM at Silverstone

Pupils from Years 4 to 8 recently enjoyed a trip to Silverstone Interactive Museum, learning about the engineering science behind the motorsport industry. This cutting-edge museum showcases artefacts and technology from the history of motorsports right through to the present day.

This state-of-the-art, STEM-focused museum aims to inspire the next generation of engineers through STEM workshops and interactive activities and proved the perfect setting to support our pupils with scientific learning and discovery.


Pupils at Penarth independent school

Interactive learning at Silverstone

Westbourne students learnt about the history of the iconic racing track, and studied the materials that racing cars are made of, discussing the unique scientific properties which make them strong, light and aerodynamic. The exciting and engaging session also saw pupils hold car doors made of carbon fibre and handle titanium exhaust pipes.

A thrilling part of the day saw students watch motorcycles complete in high speed practice laps around the famous track!

Since the trip, many of the students that took part have been discussing their aspirations for careers in engineering in the future, showing the power of hands-on exposure to such a groundbreaking field.

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Hands on STEM learning

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Testing out the equipment

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