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Posted: 7th March 2019

Geography at Cambridge Uni

University preparation starts at Westbourne before our students even join the IB Sixth Form. Keen geographers, David, Islam and Safia headed off to Cambridge University this week for a unique experience of studying geography at one of the world’s leading universities.

Enjoying lessons on “Extreme Volcanoes” with Dr Amy Donovan, “Climate Change, is the answer in the trees” with Dr Harriet Allen, Humanizing the world with maps” Dr Anna Barford and finishing off with, “Why Geography” students were fully immersed in University life for the day.

Back in Westbourne, Safia, from Year 11’s shares her thoughts with our Head of Geography, Mrs Barber.

Westbourne school students

Safia at Girton College, Cambridge

“I was fascinated to find out that Girton was the first woman’s residential college in the UK, founded in 1869.”

“Today, I thoroughly enjoyed an interesting and lovely experience at Girton College, Cambridge on the Geography Taster Day. It was great to learn from students about their personal thoughts and reasons for choosing both Geography and Cambridge for University.


I also got to learn about super volcanos, biodiversity, extinction and humanisation with maps which was so interesting. I found the grounds to be beautifully green and the feeling of being surrounded by nature was wonderful.” Safia, Year 11

Cambridge university at Westbourne

Girton, the first Cambridge college to become co-educational

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