Students take to the ballot box

Posted: 22nd June 2022

The right to vote

Year 10 student Lowri, currently studying in our Senior School, has taken the exciting step of registering to vote in the Vale of Glamorgan, along with over 3,000 other 14-17 year-olds across Wales.

Students who registered were entered into a prize draw to win a goody bag including a brand new iPad. Lowri was one of the 5 lucky winners to receive a prize!

Over recent months there have been significant developments to the Welsh voting system that supports young people to have their say in issues that matter. Wales is the first home nation to allow 16 year-olds to vote in local elections, with 14 year-olds eligible to add their name to the electoral role in preparation.

Register to vote now, ready for the next election.

Private school Penarth

Lowri being awarded her prize

Nurturing inquisitive minds

Westbourne supports students to aquire a strong foundation of knowledge, combined with a global outlook and the skills to succeed far beyond school. Developing their own voice and opinions is actively encouraged, as we look to nurture the leaders of the future. 

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