Summer @INSEAD

Posted: 7th September 2018

World class career development

This summer, two talented Westbourne IB students had the unique opportunity, thanks to Westbourne School’s personal links with INSEAD, to head off to Fontainebleu, France for a transformative global business insight. Alexandra, who stepped up into IB2 this September shares her insight into the Summer@INSEAD experience.


“Enriching, unforgettable and motivational” – these are the adjectives I would use to describe my experience attending Summer@INSEAD 2018.

Summer@INSEAD is an opportunity for talented students aged 15-17 to widen and enhance their academic pursuits of business knowledge, but is also an opportunity to develop their capabilities to think critically and creatively.

Having barely any knowledge about the real business world, INSEAD has given me a broad insight into an exciting and vibrant world. The visits to the large successful companies, inspiring lectures, challenging decision making and numerous fun activities working as a team made the Summer@INSEAD an amazing and unique summer camp.

Being around outgoing, open-minded and intelligent individuals from all over the world made my time at INSEAD the most enjoyable summer camp I have ever been to, as well as giving me a massive advantage to gain more knowledge about different cultures and making life-long friendships.

Summer@INSEAD is not just all about the business. With the guidance of the world famous professors all participants learned about the most importantly , but sadly a majorly ignored issue, of the positive impact businesses can have on society.

Finally, the most important thing I have learned is that the only way to make your greatest dream come true is by putting in hard work and not being afraid to face challenges on the way because the most desirable thing is waiting for you at the finish-line. INSEAD has given me the confidence and encouragement to begin working towards launching my own business startup.

I thank Westbourne School and am grateful to INSEAD for allowing me to begin my journey into the business world even before applying for university.

Since this article was written, Alexandra has gained a place at Exeter University, part of the Russell Group.

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