Sunny Sports Days!

Posted: 5th July 2019

We could not have wished for better weather as all the pupils participated in two highly contested days of competition.

The Senior School on Monday 1st of July at Jenner Park Athletics Stadium and the Prep School on Wednesday 3rd July at Penarth Athletic Sports Fields.

There were a number of outstanding performances and all pupils taking part put in so much effort and deserve full credit.

From Year 5 and 6 distance races at the start to the final relays at the end, the support from pupils, parents and teachers was unbelievable.

To all the senior IB students who took part and added further energy to a great day, well done to all.

The behaviour was also mentioned by the ground staff who commented on how polite and tidy the pupils were. The Senior School after 70 Individual events across classes from Year 5 to IB1 has only 17pts separating the three School Houses.

prep school sports day

Lots more wonderful pictures over on Flickr

They ran, they jumped, they smiled!

The sun was shining for prep school sports day on Wednesday 3rd July at Penarth Athletic field, it was great to see the pupils arriving with excitement and enthusiasm and the parents turning up to support their children.

The morning always starts with the sprints and this year we had 2 nursery races to open the competition. There were some very close races, particularly the Year 4 and Year 5, 80m sprint with Gethin and Cleo getting the victory in Year 4 and Grace and Ijaz the Year 5 winners.

The pupils then went on to compete in a variety of throwing, jumping and running events in order to earn points for their respective houses. A highlight of the morning is always the parents races where the children thoroughly enjoy watching their parents join in, what superb role models for the children!

The traditional races of egg and spoon and the sack race followed with the finale being the relay race where students from reception to year 5 all worked together to gain points for their house team.

The scores have been finalised and the results will be announced in next Friday’s assembly, it was a very close competition this year!

A huge thank you to all prep staff school for their hard work prior to, during and after the event to ensure a smooth and successful day for the children.

Thank you to the year 10 and IB 1 students for their help and also, to Mrs Barber for taking some fantastic photos. The biggest thank you to each and every pupil who participate with such enthusiasm and fair play, you are a credit to your families and to Westbourne.

We have a wonderful album of images over on our Flickr Page.

westbourne school events

Parents race 1969 Vs 2019!

House totals
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