The Final Week at Westbourne

Posted: 16th July 2020

The end of term

The academic year has come to an end, as has a most unusual term. With the majority of the term’s teaching being fully online, students and staff have adapted to the change incredibly well.

As we look towards the holidays, we say must say congratulations to our IB Diploma students and our GCSE students. We are looking forward to welcoming many Year 11’s back to school in September for their IB Diploma programme. Westbourne Prep says ‘goodbye’ to Year 5, whereas the Senior school is excited to be welcoming them as they step up into Year 6 in September. 





Academic and Engagement Prizes

Congratulations to all of our prize winners!

Early Years:
Academic – Isabella Gomez
Engagement – Sofia Haberfield

Year 2:
Academic – Scarlett Griffiths & Dylan Etheridge
Engagement – Elisa Bennett

Year 3:
Academic – Rania Nizami
Engagement – Alfie Porter-Smith

Year 4:
Academic – Nadir Nizami
Engagement – Meher Kaur

Year 5:
Academic – Michael Haberfield
Engagement – Nils Köster & David Van Nuland

Year 6:
Academic – Caleb MacRae & Olivia Jones
Engagement – Davey Weston & Simon Van Nuland

Year 7:
Academic – Mathias Van Nuland
Engagement – Evie Barber & Megan Coleman-Humphreys

Year 8:
Academic – Lowri Yapp
Engagement – Santiago Rubio

Year 9:
Academic – Mayra Hobrok
Engagement – Zainab Asif

Year 10:
Academic – Lilian Yearwood
Engagement – Isabella Hancock

Pre IB:
Academic – Esther Kwong
Engagement – Jakub Kmet

Engagement – André Weber
Academic – Anthony Phung

See you later, Year 5!

After the most amazing time at Westbourne Prep, it is time for Year 5 to leave and move up to the Senior School. Although bittersweet, many more exciting times are to come. Year 5 will continue to be taught by their Prep School teachers for the transition period, and having already spent time over at the Hickman Road site, the step up shouldn’t feel so large. 

Year 5, although we couldn’t quite give you a fantastic leaving celebration as we normally would, we’ll miss you and wish you all the very best of luck.

Our video, which celebrates each and every character, together with messages of good luck from our teachers, is here for you to see. 





Going for gold in Chemistry

Many congratulations go to Anthony in IB1, our resident Biology Olympian. This time, he has scored a gold medal in Chemistry, competing in the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Lower Sixth 2020. Stepping out of his usual comfort zone of Biology, Anthony stretched himself to do his best, with the help of Dr Francis, by competing in a much more difficult competition. Next year, he will go face-to-face with the UK Chemistry Olympiad. 

Anthony had this to say:

Walking on the golden path is an awesome experience, but I know that there must be failures in upcoming steps, and I will try my best to overcome it, to become a proud Olympian of Westbourne! These golds are not made from elemental Au, they are formed from my passions and devotion.
chemistry Olympiad IB

Sunny sporting fun

Year 4’s last week at school went out with a bang as they competed in their mini sports day. Jakub was the fastest runner over 500m, whereas Charlotte was the quickest over the 40m sprint. Emma managed the most Jumping Jacks. Well done to all who competed!

The children also enjoyed a game of kwik cricket for their last PE lesson of the school year. 

extra curricular prep school

Our runners, with Jakub in the lead!

primary school sports day

Kwik cricket with Mrs Allen

Dreaming in watercolour

Looking ahead to their summer holidays, Year 4 painted in beautiful watercolours some summery sunset themes. These are giving us great vibes!

Excellent work, all. 

junior school children painting

Prep Stars of the Week

Year 1: Lyanna – for collecting data and showing it in the form of an accurate bar graph and pie chart. Well done Lyanna!

Year 2: Catrin – for her brilliantly summery acrostic poem. Good job Catrin!

Year 3: Grace – for participating so enthusiastically in all our sporting events this week. Well Done Grace!

Year 4: Hermione, Meher , Malia, Nadir and Yousif – for continuing to submit some fantastic work from home this week. Well done all!

prep school art

Some of the brilliant work from our Stars of the Week!

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