The Great Butterfly Release

Posted: 20th June 2016

Mini Beast Adventures

Pupils from Nursery and Reception have been studying “mini-beasts” this term and they have put together their own book on their favourite creatures.

They did their own research and produced their own chapter. However, their practical project for the term was the caring of young caterpillars through to their transformation into butterflies.

They needed patience and a caring hand as they monitored their progress. When the cocoons were formed, they were transferred to a specially made net; and over the last week watched with astonishment as the butterflies broke free. They were fed sugar and water, and a few pieces of apple; and, once they have all appeared, the class was taken down to Sully.

They released them in the garden of the school deputy head teacher; where they also had a picnic to “The project finale was a fitting end to the term’s mini-beast project. All the children had been looking forward to not just seeing the butterflies appear, but watching them fly around the garden. It is fantastic when children see all the classroom lessons come alive before their eyes!”

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