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Posted: 24th April 2020

Welcome Back to Westbourne Online!

Our second week back to school after the Easter Holidays and we have been overwhelmed by the attendance and interaction across the school community.

Excellent initiatives, highlighting how students and staff are maintaining high academic standards, competing for House Points and setting challenges for each other can be seen across the year groups.

A round-up of some of the week’s highlights can be found below and a further article called Our Heroes, highlighting childrens artwork can be viewed here.



A huge thank you to our teachers

Words can not express how much this makes us smile!




Community initiatives from IB1

IB1 student Safia has been showing the initiative and compassion we so often see amongst our student population.

Using her own allowance, she has been helping to regularly buy needed items for her local food bank having read that they were being depleted more rapidly than usual. Safia is also involved in preparing and distributing bags of essential food items (as well as some treats!) to families in need at this time. Thank you Safia, we are all incredibly proud of you.



Safia, IB1

Online learning gets creative

With more time to explore creative options on our hands, students and teachers across the school explored some more creative challenges in lessons this week with some fantastic results! A huge thank you to students for sharing their photos with us throughout the week. Pupil engagement has been incredible!

latin class

In days when face masks are more associated with troubled times, Year 9 with Mrs Jessop have something more positive to offer: Having just successfully completed their first Latin online learning module on the Roman theatre, our pupils have created their own theatre masks which we have assembled in a postcard.

history class

Year 10 History with Ms Phillips and an Elizabethan theme, saw a few pirates join in the discussions!

PE class

PE class with Mrs Allen saw pupils across the area take advantage of car free roads to sprint and cycle their way to fitness

french class

French themed Easter baking with Ms Duble across Years 6 – 8 produced some delicious results.

NHS Thank You

As we stood outside and clapped on Thursday evening, students and staff paid a special thank you to the everyday heroes helping us stay safe on a daily basis. #WeAreInThisTogether


Clubs Back in Action

Extra curricular clubs are a key part of Westbourne life and Mrs Allen has helped us ensure that lockdown hasn’t got in the way of pupils learning new skills beyond the classroom. Across the week students have been taking part in: Photography, Welsh, Gardening, Art, Duolingo, German, Tennis,  Running Club, Duke of Edinburgh and Wellbeing Club, as with their classwork we have been so impressed with their levels of commitment and enthusiasm.

The photography club was set the challenge of capturing the sense of isolation that lockdown has brought to many, with a global base of students entries include scenes from Hong Kong, Czech Republic and Russia to name just a few, as well of course lots of excellent local entries too.

The tennis club have some excellent players in their numbers, International Player Felix set the first challenge of the season…try it, it’s a lot of fun!

Can you beat Felix over 3 different challenges.

1. 30 seconds tapping the ball up on your racquet. Count every time the ball hits the strings.

2. 30 seconds tapping ball over but twisting racquet between each one.

3. 30 seconds tapping ball on frame of racquet (this is very difficult but great fun!)

photography club

Entries from across the globe

photography club

Atmospheric images of life in lockdown from our Photography students

Teachers Toilet Roll Challenge

For those who may have missed the Westbourne Teachers taking on the Toilet Roll Challenge on social media!


Plus Point Totals

The Westbourne Weekly wouldn’t be complete without the Plus Point totals, a revised format throughout the lockdown has also seen points awarded for a number of good deeds, community initiatives as well as for students sharing challenges and great ideas with others.

Glyndwr have raced into the lead with a 79 point start, as at Thursday 23rd, however both other Houses are close behind with just 4 points seperating 1st – 3rd place!

plus points

A close race between the houses!

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