Top Teambuilding Activities for IB Students

Posted: 13th September 2019

Leadership & Team Work with Westbourne IB

It was an action-packed Back to School at Westbourne for our Year 11, Pre-IB Senior School students and our Sixth Formers embarking on the International Baccalaureate Diploma, with a host of Induction Events planned throughout the week ensuring a warm Westbourne welcome for our new intake. 

One of the many events was a day full of fun outdoor activities at the local activity centre – Adventure Wales who offer a wide range of team building games.  A perfect introduction to Sixth Form, as well as CAS, a core part of the IB Diploma Programme at Westbourne.

Upon arrival, students were randomly split into three groups giving them the chance to mix between age groups and get to know older and younger students, as well as those from the same year.

Each group was going to complete all three activities in rotation, with each activity taking approximately an hour.

Team bonding activities Westbourne IB students took part in

A day full of fun and team bonding activities

Let the Games Begin!

Activity one was called ‘The Muddy Assault Course’ – an intimidating looking 4 acres of more than 20 challenges one after the other! Some of the obstacles included The Giant Tyre Maze, Slacklines, Ninja Style Vertical Walls, and Slippery Poles. The students were brilliant at helping one another go through the obstacles and cheering for each member of the team as they were battling through the mud.

Westbourne school team building activity day for senior students

The Muddy Assault Course was all about getting out of your comfort zone

Activity two was a High Ropes Climbing Course and placed students 40ft above the ground. Some of the challenges part of the ropes course that got team members cheering for one another included Jacob’s Ladder: A ladder with missing rungs and big distances apart, Beam & Rope Walks: a walk that tests balance and children’s ability to deal with hights and last but not least, Abseiling Tower: the side of the tower that provides a great abseiling wall!

Westbourne school team building activity day

High Ropes Climbing Course was a challenging yet very rewarding activity

The third activity was well-known to the students – laser tag, perfect as an indoor team-building exercise. Although similar to paint-ball, this fun game has the advantage of sparing the messiness of the paint and even teachers happily took part!

Westbourne school team building day was about getting out of your comfort zone

Laser tag was one of students favourite games

At the end of the day, the staff at the centre were keen to share just how impressed they were with the students. Their great manners, politeness and keenness to take part had really shined! All the children were further congratulated for getting outside their comfort zones, showing courage, developing problem-solving skills and a true teamwork spirit.

Each child went home with the determination to show as much commitment and have as much fun in the next twelve months as they had had at the centre. They also shared that this day would be a useful reminder for any uncertainty they would face in the new academic year, all they would have to remember would be that they survived that windy and muddy September day and that they can survive anything.

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