Visit to University of Swansea

Posted: 31st May 2013

One to Remember
Year 3 and 5 visited the museum of Egyptian antiquities at Swansea University. Whilst there, they mummified a body, carried out the ‘Weighing of the heart’ ceremony, learned more about the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, dressed up as people from Ancient Egypt and wrote using Hieroglyphics.
Oomisha: I enjoyed dressing up. I was Isis, the Goddess of magic and life.
Suki: I enjoyed mummifying the body. I took the lungs out and put them in a canopic jar. I dressed up as a scribe; it was his job to write down information for the Pharaoh.
Myles: I tried on Ancient Egyptian underwear. It was actually very comfortable.
Louis: I liked mummifying the body. I learned that they put the heart back into the body after they removed the other organs. This was so that the Gods could weigh it when the person went to the afterlife.
Islam: We mummified a body; it was interesting that it used to take around 70 days!
Charlotte: We learned how to write like they did in Ancient Egyptian times- using hieroglyphics.
Dan G: It was interesting learning about the different Gods and Goddesses.
Isaac: I enjoyed learning about the weighing of the heart and designing our own Egyptian devourers. In Ancient Egyptian times, they believed that if your heart was lighter than a feather, you passed the test and entered into your afterlife. If your heart was heavy, you had not been good during your life, and the devourer would eat you!
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