Westbourne celebrates Chinese New Year

Posted: 14th February 2019

Students celebrate Chinese New Year

Students from across the school both learn and celebrate Chinese New Year, welcoming in Year of the Pig.

Sharing the ethos of a local school with a global outlook, international students from Hong Kong and China delivered a presentation in assembly all about the holiday.

We learned that beyond the cute image of piglets, the pig in the context of Chinese New Year is regarded as representing luck, good fortune and general prosperity.

It also symbolises a hard-working, peace-loving and truthful person. Throughout the school, students have celebrated and learned about Chinese culture this week, with a few of their activities highlighted below.

Prep School

Reception class share their Chinese themed pictures

Painting Chinese themed plates

Finn finishing off his Chinese artwork.

Writing Chinese themed stories.

New Year’s Eve

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Mrs Shi, her class enjoyed an evening at her home making Chinese dumplings…and later enjoyed Chinese pizza for Spring Festival!


Making Chinese dumplings with Mrs Shi

Michelle, Macy, Marco, Matthew and Hugo present to the school in assembly.


Nursery explore chop sticks and dragons

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