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Posted: 26th June 2019

The longest week of the year!

The good news is it was only the longest week in terms of hours of sunlight, the skies may have been a little dark, however students have had another inspiring week in school as we count down to the long summer holidays.

Enjoy a snapshot of a week at Westbourne Senior.

What schools are there in Penarth?

As summer gets underway, we’re looking forward to some stunning skies this weekend!
Classical Capers for Cambridge Uni

When the Bristol Channel becomes the River Styx, Victoria Park turns into the home of Orpheus and Eurydice, the underbelly of Penarth Pier leads away from the Underworld while Hades and Persephone are residing in the Italian Gardens by the Esplanade, it can only be our intrepid Latin students at work, with Mrs Jessop firing up their imaginations!

This time it was our Year 10 and pre-IB Latin pupils grouping together for an audio-visual project on the portrayal of discord and change in ancient mythology. With each group exploring a separate myth and filming their own interpretations.

The finished results will be handed in to the University of Cambridge for a Classics competition.

With such moody scenery, beautiful Welsh landscapes and technical know-how, we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

How are you taught at Westbourne

Students prepare for Cambridge Classics Competition
Calling all young writers

Our most recently formed club, Young Journalists, has got off to a flying start this term.

Club members Lillian, Olivia, Minnie, Mayra, Evie and Rubi have been busy creating their publication, together with their unique logo, which will be unveiled very soon. The first issue is themed around something that has captured their imagination, and is one close to the whole School’s heart; making our local community plastic-free.

The Plastic-Free Penarth campaign has been a key theme this term and with society concerns about recycling as a whole. We look forward to reading their independent take on the issue in their first blog style email newsletter coming soon.

What clubs do you do at Westbourne?

Young Journalists: Evie, Olivia, Rubi, Minnie, Lilian and Mayra
A Cornucopia of Clubs

We may well be approaching the summer break, but there is no better time than to get excited about the academic year ahead.

Philosophy Club, Scientific Research Club, Model United Nations, Running and Chinese Culture Clubs are among the line up of fresh and exciting clubs for next term. Together with the Duke of Edinburgh award very kindly coming along too, students were presented with a multitude of options for their co-curricular activities next year.

They have all selected their top choices and we look forward to challenging them next year!

Chinese Teacher UK School

Mrs Shi at her Chinese Culture stall

Philosophy can be a lot of fun

Mrs Phillips wins the best dressed teacher prize for Philosophy Club!
New Year, New Uniform

Another chance to look ahead to September, this time it’s to school uniform!

Our old school uniform has done us proud for many a year, however with new harder wearing fabrics, sweat-wicking sports clothing and a wide array of school matched colours and choice now widely available, we’re ushering in a whole new look.

From September, black and grey will be replaced by navy and red, in keeping with the school crest, this week, it was all about trying it for size.

A huge thank you to both Greg and Emma, from Trutex, who came down to help size up all the children….200 fittings in a day!

The full uniform will be available to pre-order from next week, with a 10% discount running throughout July, simply add the offer code: EARLY10 at the checkout.

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