Westbourne Weekly: an active start to autumn!

Posted: 24th September 2020

Autumn’s first Westbourne weekly

As this week marks the turn of summer into autumn, we have also been delighted to mark the full return of our students into the Senior School and Sixth Form. With our traditional school routine now thoroughly tested, next week will see classrooms fully open, with staggered start and finish times and a welcome return to a sense of normalcy for all.

Once again we must extend a huge thank you to parents, students and staff for their patience and support of our phased return, as always, the safety of the Westbourne community is our primary concern.

With early autumn sunshine, the week has proved an active one across the year groups, with our Boarders demonstrating their sporting prowess with an after school ‘boarders run’ to Cardiff Bay and the student-led initiative of a new Saturday morning basketball club. PE lessons resuming as normal across the Senior School, Prep exploring some smoking science experiments and our youngest Early Year pupils making a splash on our local beach.

Well done Westbourne, another outstanding week!

IB stride out for success!

As well as seeing many of our IB boarding students literally heading out for a run this week (with a host of Senior School boarders alongside), back in the Sixth Form classroom university choices and mock revision have very much been at the top of IB2’s mind this term.

Finalising personal statements, preparing for university entrance exams and making those crucial university choices is all par for the course at the start of the second IB year, all of course with the support and guidance of our IB teaching team.

It has been great to see IB2’s influence rubbing off on our new IB1 cohort, who whilst they are still settling into Sixth Form life and learning their way around the local area, are also starting to discuss university interests and aspirations with their teachers. With a new Oxbridge and UCAS Workshop set to run next week, the theme of university entry is set to run for a while yet!

boarding pupils - boarding house - Westbourne School

Another brilliant student led initiative sees boarders warming up in preparation for a run out to Cardiff Bay – great job Westbourne Boarding!

Climate change tops the agenda

Across the Middle School, it has been another active week with Years 6 and 7 enjoying football lessons with Mr Wellington, our new PE teacher and Year 8’s improving and learning field hockey skills with Mrs Allen. Alongside cross country training at Penarth Athletic Fields we have been delighted to see everyone’s fitness levels increasing in just 3 weeks – keep up the great work!

Climate change has been a key classroom theme which has fully engaged Year 6 this week. With students working in small groups we’ve seen them absorbed in researching renewable energy sources, then analysing and presenting their findings, a task they have handled with impressive maturity and consideration.

With Year 6’s ‘International Climate Summit” next week, we look forward to seeing them representing different countries and their climate change agendas – an all-action week is assured!

Further up the school we have seen new classmates warmly welcomed and a new GCSE Coordinator, Mrs Barber, working alongside Form Tutors to support and guide GCSE progress. We wish our Year 9’s every success as they embark upon their GCSE journey, following the excellent example set by Year’s 10 and 11.

Climate change - discussion - school

Well done Year 6, some excellent work on climate change this week

Superb sporting skills

Year 5 and Year 8 show off some impressive skills throughout hockey practice as well as enjoying the autumn sunshine.

Skipping has also been on the PE agenda this week, with everyone’s skills improving progressively – a special mention to Thomas and George who are our current skipping record holders!

hockey - sport - school - Cardiff

Action packed PE sessions throughout the school

Smoking science!

A huge thank you to Westbourne parent and scientist, Dr Jurkowski for introducing Westbourne Prep to liquid nitrogen this week….smiles and gasps as smoke (safely!) filled the playground. A fantastic lesson in how dry ice is made and the science behind it.

prep school - cardiff - science

More FAB School!

The B in FAB School came to the fore for our youngest Prep students this week, as we headed to the Beach with Early Years. An excellent opportunity to discover 2D and 3D shapes, as well as explore the incredible natural setting we’re lucky enough to have just a short walk away from school.

beach school - penarth pier - prep school - Cardiff

Early Years enjoy exploring with FAB School

Prep School Stars

We’ve seen excellent work across the Prep School this week and as always, it is a challenge to choose just one star, however the below are worthy winners – congratulations all on your achievement.

Early Years: ⭐  Barnaby – for showing so much enthusiasm at beach school this week and listening really well to instructions. Well done Barnaby! 

Year 2: ⭐  Alexander – for his insightful questions and brilliant research about poison dart tree frogs.

 Year 3: ⭐ Huw C for his fantastic discussion in Philosophy for Children.

Year 4: ⭐  Harrison for using a range of strategies to solve 3 digit addition.

Year 5:⭐  Ffion for articulately discussing pressing issues in Philosophy for Children

prep school - fun - academic - wales

Great job to Barnaby, Huw and Ffion pictured above and everyone else.

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