Westbourne Weekly – Let’s go back in time!

Posted: 18th June 2020

Intreprid Westbourne Prep travel back in time

As our senior school turn their minds to revision with the end of term exams ahead, this week we join Westbourne Prep for an exciting journey back through time!

Our intrepid explorers took a gallop through the annals of history, exploring Ancient Eygyt, Rome, Greece and China with a whistlestop tour of America during the time of the Pioneers. Their exploits included temple building, teepee making, an original daily recipe to master as well as getting to grips with tying a toga!

A huge thank you to everyone for being such brilliant sports all week, the enthusiasm, as always has been boundless and we very much look forward to the next exciting week ahead….a Wellness Week awaits!

A taste of history

Although not all historical recipes perhaps suit our modern tastes, those created this week proved wildly popular! Delicious treats included some exceptional baklava and aztec chocolate…we even saw bowls of fresh popcorn being devoured – delicious!

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Getting into role!
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Some excellent toga tying across the school!

Building Greek and Aztec Temples (and a visit to Pyramids of Gyza)
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prep school near me history projects

A Tudor House, created by Ayli, who as a result was awarded Y4 Star of the Week!

Photography club
primary school penarth clubs

Our busy photography club members

Apollo 11 moon landing

Whilst our younger years enjoyed recipes and getting into role alongside their studies, Year’s 3 – 5 took their adventures even further to explore the Apollo moon landings, tackle dinosaur algebra and solve maths data problems including calculating the distance of the sun from the moon as well as investigating planet circumference, diameter and radius.

primary school penarth work

Saifee’s newspaper article about Apollo 11

Prep School Stars

The work across the board was excellent this week, with teachers finding it challenging to pick a single star when each class is filled with them!

Year 1: Sidonie – Year 1 have produced some amazing work this week. The whole class have been busy cooking, crafting and creating, not to mention figuring out maths in Chinese and Roman numbers! It was extremely hard to pick just one star of the week, as many of them attempted every task. Well done Sidonie for your additional illustrations and explanations and being awarded Star of the Week

Year 2: Dylan – Dylan has produced some super work this week and given everything a go – even the cooking!  He’s tied a toga like a pro, made a Chinese stir fry, and produced an excellent Greek mosaic!

Year 3: Harrison, for his Aztec print using potatoes, featured below. Well done Harrison!

Year 4: Ayli, for her incredible Tudor House! 

Year 5: Selena, for her research on the goddess Ix-Chel. This goddess is very similar to the Greek goddess ‘Seleni’, who Selena is named after. 

Well done Westbourne Prep, excellent work all round!

primary school in cardiff art work

Harrison’s potato Aztec art helped win him Star of the Week for Y3!

Plus Points

Llewellyn maintain their lead yet again this week, so a hearty well done to the house, they achieved 30 additional points across the house, versus Glyndwr’s 22 and Dafydd’s 17.

Plus points awarded at Westbourne School

Congratulations Llewellyn for maintaining your lead!

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