Westbourne Weekly Round-Up

Posted: 7th May 2020

Welcome to the Westbourne Weekly

Another action-filled week at Westbourne. Students from across the age ranges have once more delighted us with their level of interaction and high quality of work whilst engaging with Westbourne Online.

A meaningful and inspiring poem, IF, by Rudyard Kipling has been a theme throughout these times for Westbourne, echoed in Dr Griffiths first letter at the start of Westbourne Online.

Whilst acknowledging that the tone is of a distant age, the sentiment of the poem remains and we extend a huge thank you to the students who helped to bring the words to life this week.


Photography club highlights

Last week saw a few of our four-legged friends join the end of our lessons, much to the delight of classmates, this week they have inspired our young photographers!

Mr Tucker set the challenge of Pet Portraits for Photography Club and our keen Club members did not disappoint with their excellent work.


photography club

Football Skills Club

It may be a while before we get to play a team game, however that has not stopped our football skills club practising their ball skills.

A preview of just some of the skills we hope to see in action in the coming seasons.

Thank you to Tomos and Sahib for featuring in the below trailer!


Talented artists from across Year 8 and 9

Artists across Year 8 and Year 9 have delighted us this week with their work.

In Year 9 we saw students conduct a visual analysis on Pablo Picasso’s painting ‘Guernica’. analysing the painting in both written and drawn form, whilst in Year 8 work was based on the artist Friedrich Hundertwasser.

art club at westbourne

year 8 and year 9 artwork

picasso art work

A season of student challenges

We have seen some impressive challenges from across the student community over the past few weeks and thanks go out to all students who have set them.

From bouncing tennis balls on the side of racquets, throwing balls whilst doing the splits to a gymnastic handstand, many have involved a great deal of energy. This week our challenge comes from Safia in IB1 who sets us a challenge with an environmental theme.








Prep School Stars

A huge well done to the pupils across the Prep School who were awarded ‘Star of the Week’ this week.

An initiative each week which rewards a particularly excellent piece of work within the form.

Year 5, Evan W

Year 4, Hermione

Year 3, Kagan

Year 2: Scarlett and Dylan

Early Years: Bella

primary school castles

Well done Scarlett & Dylan, Yr2 Stars of the Week for their castles!

VE Day Projects

With the 75th Anniversary of VE day being marked this weekend, all of KS2 were challenged to produce a model Spitfire as part of their science task this week, some children carried out a fair test to investigate the best material to make their aeroplane out of.

Y6 emerged victorious as the year group with the most successful designs.

Year 3 have also been taking part in a VE day project this week to help them to understand the history and significance of the date.

The children chose from a range of tasks but by far the most popular was the war time cooking task, as you can see from the photos!

Year 6 share their Spitfire models

Wartime baking proved popular in Year 3

Senior School Highlights

Across the Senior School we have had some excellent examples of hard work and great effort this week, particular teacher highlights are noted below.

For Mrs Jessop, it was Priya, Mayra, Maisie, Zainab, Avril, Iman and Max in Year 9 who really stood out in their completion of work and the effort they put in as well as their punctuality in handing in assignments in French and Latin over the last two weeks.

Mrs Yates echoes the Year 9 praises and also Matt in Pre-IB for his determination and hard work in Economics. Yaroslav for completing every single piece of homework as soon as it is assigned and Ty, IB1 in his determined to learn every tense he can find in Spanish.

Mrs Owen has commended Jakub and Esther for their hard work in Physics and in Year 9 both Zainab and Iman. As a group, Year 10 have shown some excellent commitment with special mention to Rochelle, Olivia, Louis, Izzy and Clara for going the extra mile. While Maximillian in Year 10 has produced some outstanding work, whilst in Year 11 Jeremy, Abi, Nikita.

Mr Tucker noted Wesley’s work in Pre-IB and again the Year 9 pupils….well done Year 9!! 

On the sporting front, Mrs Allen noted Jess and Katie O, for excellence in completing their club tasks, Bevan, Pre IB for winning the running club challenges and Tomos A for his football skills which are featured above. 

Well done to all of those who have earned a mention this week and to pupil for maintaining such excellent Westbourne high standards, huge congratulations.

Plus Points

An exciting scoreboard this week, congratulations to Dafydd for achieving lead position for the second week in a row. 

Llewellyn however, have made a huge push forward this week with a nail biting 4 points between first and second place.

Well done everybody for your Plus Point contributions – keep up the great work!


plus points

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