Westbourne welcomes students from Sydney

Posted: 20th September 2022

Welcome back to our international friends

Last week we welcomed IB students from our sister school, Westbourne College Sydney, for another two-week stay packed full of new cultural and educational experiences.

Our Sydney students’ trips to the UK support Westbourne’s commitment to creating a global hub for knowledge exchange and information sharing on the IB Diploma. Our Westbourne College Sydney students have the opportunity to meet our students and teachers based in the UK, take part in engaging lessons and workshops on the IB, and visit some of the country’s most prestigious universities.

Private school Penarth

Sydney students at a welcome dinner

Extraordinary educational opportunities
STEM students at Penarth independent senior school

Students embrace IB masterclass

The students took part in a range of academic sessions and workshops, including an immersive STEM workshop which saw them demonstrate problem-solving and teamworking with their UK IB peers.

A particular highlight was an MBA-style INSEAD workshop led by renowned INSEAD professor, Adrian Johnson. The session provided vital information and invaluable advice and experience on entrepreneurship, supporting students to develop the key skills required to thrive in the real world of business.

We are the only UK school to provide students with exclusive access and application support to Summer@ INSEAD, a dynamic MBA-style Summer School that takes place in France every year, providing unparalled guidance, connections and networking to succeed in the business world.

Uk's leading independent school Penarth

Brainstorming during the INSEAD session

International boarding students Wales

Developing teamwork at the INSEAD workshop

Immersion in British history

A unique part of the trip this time was the opportunity for the students to experience British history in the making. On Friday, Wales was visited for the first time by the new British monarch, King Charles III. The group headed to the picturesque Cardiff Bay to catch a glimpse of His Majesty outside the Senedd, and to witness a historic moment that they will likely remember forever, and can share with their friends and family back home.

His Majesty King Charles III

A match to remember!

To unwind after an academically challenging day, our IB Australian students and our IB UK students faced each other for a friendly basketball match on our outdoor court. With WCS Principal, Mr Ken Underhill, in charge, the game started at a high intensity and it was clear from the start that the students were well matched! In a match that was high scoring and action packed, the UK students eventually came away with the win. It was a glorious afternoon with a fantastic atmosphere based on mutual respect and a great spectacle for our younger pupils to watch.

Westbourne school UK Cardiff

Sydney Vs UK Basketball Match

Cardiff IB Diploma school

Students enjoying their basketball game

World-class universities

To round off an amazing trip, the students took a tour of a number of prestigious universities in the UK, including Cambridge, Oxford, University College London and King’s College London, hearing from lecturers and alumni to ensure that they make a fully informed decision when preparing for university applications.

They also spent time in London at a very memorable moment in British hisotry. In addition to enjoying the capital’s major attractions including the Victoria & Albert Museum, this year’s trip was made very special as the students were able to witness the funeral procession for the late Queen Elizabeth II.

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