Year 3 Techniquest Trip

Posted: 31st May 2013


Year 3 pupils paid a visit to Techniquest in Cardiff Bay for a Science trip.

Tino: “I liked playing in the water area. I enjoyed speaking to Miss Jones and hearing her voice echo across Techniquest. I also liked making a fossil. Mine was a worm shape.”

Myles: “I enjoyed making floods in the water area, it was fun trying to aim and spray in the water”

Louis: “My favourite thing was using a microscope to look at a rock in detail. I could see things that I couldn’t with my own eyes.”

Oomisha: “We used a U.V light to look at the rocks. We panned for gold- I found so much- I am rich now!”

Suki: “I enjoyed finding gold. It was quite easy once the man showed us how. The rocks looked different colours under U.V light.”

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