Year 5 and 6 visit to RNLI

Posted: 18th September 2013

Safe Seas

Year 5 and 6, accompanied by Mr Giannotti, Mrs Thomas and Miss Miah, thoroughly enjoyed their day of water safety and learning to bodyboard at Barry Island beach. 

They had been invited to attend the course, run by the RNLI, to increase their awareness of water safety, and to have some fun learning the basic skills of bodyboarding. 

The RNLI team, led by Nicky Palmer, firstly had a safety session in the classroom, where the children learned all about the various flags on the beach and what they mean. They were also taught about the safety equipment used by the RNLI lifeguards, both when on foot and jet skis. 

They were taught how to recognised a rip current (one that is dangerous and can take swimmers out to sea) and how to react if you happen to get caught in one.

Great fun was had getting into wetsuits, before all going on the beach for a series of warm up games, which were enjoyed by everyone. 

Then it was into the water (thank goodness for wetsuits!) for the water based activities which included: wading and dolphin diving: how to rescue someone using a ‘tube’ (float with a rope attached): body surfing: boardskills including: a body posistion and paddling skills: negotiating the surf and catching a wave. 

Everyone had a great time and recieved certificates from the RNLI for their participating in the course, and all returned to the school tired but exhilarated by their experience. 

The children were, as always, a credit school, and a pleasure to take on a trip. 

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