Zoom Eye View of Westbourne

Posted: 14th May 2020

Zoom in on Westbourne Life

Rita: Do you ever have déjà vu?

Phil: Didn’t you just ask me that? Phil Connors (Bill Murray), Groundhog Day

As the sixth week of lockdown learning draws to a close, a cheer of congratulations goes out to all our students for their continued dedication and commitment, not just across their studies, but their wider support of the whole community.

From morale raising baking and dog training challenges to buying essential items with pocket money for those less fortunate, the endless array of activities we have seen amongst the student body has made our hearts swell with pride.

There may be many moments of déjà vu in the current situation, however Westbourne, you continue to excel with your endless ideas and enthusiasm. This week, we share a Zoom-eye behind the scenes view of Westbourne Life as captured on Google Meet and Zoom…Enjoy!





Inspired by the Lady with the Lamp

Never in our lifetime has the vital role that nurses play within our global community been more appreciated. Prior to Thursday’s 8pm clapping for the NHS, this week there was an additional reason to celebrate the importance of carers, as Tuesday 12th May marked International Nurses and Midwives Day. 

As well as paying tribute to the important work of the nursing profession, the day provided a timely opportunity as part of Florence Nightingales bicentenary for Year 7’s to take a virtual tour of the Florence Nightingale Museum.

Although closed during the pandemic, pupils were still able to learn about this inspirational woman, the mother of modern nursing. Not only did she cause a revolution in health care but was also influential in the world of statistics, a lesser-known fact being her invention of a new type of pie-chart to dramatise hospital deaths during the Crimean War, showing her to be the lady with the data…as well as the lamp!


florence nightingale work

Year 7 create Lady with the Lamp inspired origami lamps

GCSE Greyscale artwork

Mrs Major shares some of Year 10’s impressive greyscale creations this week. Created as part of their GCSE coursework, the artwork sampled below is in response to the task of drawing a full-size A3 greyscale tonal study, using a photograph taken by students. An innovative range of media and subject matter was submitted…well done all!

Westbourne Artists

GCSE Art: Greyscale

GCSE art

secondary school art and design

school pupil art

IB1 community volunteering

A huge well done to IB1 student, Safia, for her continued commitment to volunteering throughout the covid crisis. Continuing to save up her pocket money to spend on those less fortunate, and delivering much needed support where it is needed most, selflessly putting others before herself and helping in any way she can.

Thank you for your hard work, Safia.

“In these unprecedented times and circumstances, I would really like to spread positivity and motivation to members of local communities. I do this by buying essential food products and fun games for children using my pocket money. I then donate the things to local food banks and family friends that would benefit from them.”

– Safia

international baccalaureate students

Safia dropping off essential supplies.

Photography Club goes abstract!

When not teaching Biology, Mr Tucker, can often be found behind the lens of a camera. As a keen photographer, he challenged our Photography Club this week to capture an abstract image, providing top tips such as using close up shots, shooting through other objects and looking for lines and curves, the students have produced some wonderful results.

after school photography club

Photography Club’s Abstract Images

Tycoons of Tomorrow

This week, Ms Yates announced the results of her GCSE Business Studies Board Game Competition. Tasked with designing and creating their very own board game, ideas were then judged and scored by a panel, based on visual appearance, clarity of instructions and the suitability of the product for the market it was aimed at. 

board game challenge

Business Studies involved a creative challenge this week!

Prep School Stars

There has been some excellent work across the whole Prep School this week, particular mention goes to our Prep Stars of the Week, recognised for an excellent piece of work, or initiative within the form.

Year 5: Bella

Year 4, Sofia

Year 3: Ruby

Year 2: Elisa

Early Years: Sidonie

star of the week

Sidonie was awarded Star of the Week, Early Years for her creative way of showing the planets in the solar system

Senior Stars!

There may not be official ‘Stars of the Week’ in the Senior School, however, there have been a large number of star pupils who have shone brightly.

Mr Laity gives his weekly round-up of pupils nominated for setting high standards in work, resilience and support of others. 

From Ms Phillips; Year 10 History are recognised for their excellent test achievements and for working ahead of schedule in class. Congratulations to Maisie for winning the Board Game Competition, all entries were of a very high standard, as can be seen above, so in addition well done to Priya, Ibby, Avril and Iman from Mrs Yates and all the judges. For their fabulous presentations in business studies, Mrs Yates would also like to again mention Maisie, Priya and Zainab.

The Year 11 class studying Latin with Mrs Jessop continue to work at a very high standard, handing in work as ‘regular as clockwork’. Thomas, Mia, Nikita, Esther and Abi deserve particular mention for their dedication to the subject.

Mrs Major commended Tomos Ayres in Year 7, one of our newest students we very much look forward to meeting in person at some point soon, for producing a wonderful time-lapse video of himself undertaking his art task – unprompted- it was so inspiring for the other students and really helped solidify the task for some of the pupils.

Mathias and Evie also in Year 7 have been commended for their help by Ms Duble during their zoom language lesson. Not to be missed are Jessica and Katie mentioned by Mrs John as they did some baking for VE Day celebrations, pictured below and Sahib also in Year 6 for some excellent History work on the Black Death. Mr Tucker also commended Tara in Year 8 for an outstanding piece of work in Science.

Congratulations and well done to all the pupils and students.


Year 6 used the longer weekend to enjoy the spoils of their VE Day History project. They baked, made posters, and wrote letters of thanks to those that fought during the war. Well done, year 6!

Plus Points

After leading the table for the past two weeks, Dafydd have seen their lead overtaken by the tremendous efforts of Llewellyn who top the leader board with an 11 point advance on second place.

Congratulations Llewellyn for your tremendous effort this week and to everyone for working hard to secure plus points for their houses…the last week before half term is ahead of us, we can’t wait to see who the Half Term Leader will be!

Llewellyn march into the lead!

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