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Prep Co-Curricular

A breadth of enrichment opportunities

Westbourne Prep offers an exciting schedule of co-curricular activities designed to enrich classroom teaching, and to further encourage the development of pupils’ key skills.

We carefully curate the co-curricular activities on offer to our pupils to ensure that they extend the competencies being developed academically. We aim to nurture the whole child, developing curious, confident, well-rounded young people.

In addition to our diverse clubs programme and hugely popular Forest & Beach School, we also offer a broad range of trips and excursions, from challenging and rewarding adventures in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, to cultural trips to some of Europe’s most exciting cities.

Forest & Beach School

Forest & Beach School

Inspiring independence

Traditional classroom study is further enhanced by our FaB (Forest & Beach ) School – an immersive outdoors learning and wellbeing initiative with origins in the Danish approach to education, promoting the importance of contact with nature from an early age.

We are one of very few schools to offer forest and beach school to all pupils as a regular co-curricular session.

Pupils develop independence and practical skills, growing into curious learners who are ready to explore their own interests and ideas.

Spectacular locations

Westbourne’s easy proximity to both the coast and the countryside makes our FaB School truly unique. Students’ imaginations are captivated by learning in a wide variety of natural settings including rocky coastline (to study rock formation in cliffs), country parks (to build hedgehog homes), islands (to learn about tides and coastal safety) and sandy coastline (to learn about isopods and rockpools).

Our private forest

Our private Forest School site, set on a 20-acre farm, comes complete with log circle, hammock, tree swing, natural building area, digging area and fire pit. Pupils listen to a themed story around the campfire or in one of the barns, enjoying hot chocolate and toast prepared on the fire, before exploring activities including whittling, knots, den building, campfires and fire safety.



Every child at Westbourne Prep is encouraged to participate in both individual and team sports.

As well as the physical benefits, sport provides the opportunity to gain both resilience and to learn, from an early age, grace in both victory and defeat.

Our broad sporting programme takes into account our exceptional setting on the Welsh coast, with frequent use of Penarth Pier, the beach and natural beauty spot, Cosmeston Lakes.

Beyond the traditional, just some of the sports on offer at Westbourne Prep include basketball, athletics, cross country, tennis, white water rafting, horse riding, skateboarding, rock climbing, yoga and many more.

We are delighted to extend our sporting programme to include Saturday Sports, the opportunity for pupils from Reception – Year 5 to further improve their skills and enjoy team sport.



Music forms an important part of life here at Westbourne.

Children have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments, either for pleasure or to follow the grading system. Students who are studying the grading system can continue their studies throughout Senior School, culminating in taking GCSE Music in Years 9 – 11.

Instruments include the harp, trumpet, piano, flute, violin, cello, drums, flugel, guitar, organ and more. Pupils can also take singing lessons and join our choir.

We offer regular performance opportunities at concerts, assemblies and charity events throughout the year, which allow pupils to hone their skills and gain in confidence in front of a supportive audience.



As part of our commitment to educating and developing the whole child, we offer a thriving CAS (Clubs After School) programme for all Prep School pupils. With a clubs schedule that changes every 10 weeks, children have the opportunity to try out a wide range of activities and pursuits, and to really grow and broaden their skills.

Prep School clubs currently include everything from horse riding, white water rafting and rock climbing, to craft club, cookery, language clubs, drama, singing, cheerleading, gardening, newspaper club, mad science, and many more.



We are pleased to run a wide variety of day and residential trips for our Prep pupils throughout the year, as well as immersive overseas residential trips selected to complement and enliven our languages curriculum, with recent destinations including France and Spain. Pupils gain the opportunity to practice their language skills as well as absorb the culture and history of the country.

Recent terms have seen pupils explore the Wye Valley and the Brecon Beacons National Park, as well as enjoying theatre trips to London and the zoo. We also run a STEM trip annually, this year visiting the groundbreaking Silverstone Interactive Museum, the home of motorsports.

Residential trips at Westbourne enable children to explore a wide range of activities they wouldn’t typically encounter. The initial challenge and inevitable sense of achievement that comes from overcoming the unknown, help create lasting memories and friendships.

This year has seen Prep pupils learn how to build a raft, complete an obstacle course, try their hand at archery, trapeze skills, abseiling, fencing, quad biking, build an outdoor fire and camp for the night, all the while fostering an appreciation and better understanding of the great outdoors.



A Westbourne, we encourage all pupils to develop their own distinctive voice and build their confidence through performance.

As well as hosting concerts throughout the year, allowing the children the opportunity to perform to a larger audience, our Prep School students can also hone their drama and theatre talents through the LAMDA-affiliated classes we offer during term time and over the summer holidays.

‘Many clubs and activities are for children across the age groups. This fosters extremely positive working relationships across the school and further strengthens the school's exceptionally caring and supportive community.’ Estyn Inspection Report