The IB Diploma

The ‘gold standard’ in secondary education

For those who haven’t discover the International Baccalaureate Programmes before, the choices can be daunting. The aim of this page is to explain, in brief, the IB Diploma Programme and why, at Westbourne we have chosen it as the only curriculum we believe befitting of preparing students for the modern world.

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For over 50 years, the International Baccalaureate Diploma has been considered the gold standard in sixth form education. A comprehensive, internationally recognized curriculum and assessment system for students in their final two years of secondary education, the IB Diploma provides a complete educational programme, designed for a worldwide community of schools, aiming to create a better, more peaceful world.

‘IB students have the edge at interview. Their ability to cross reference academic literature - and to be at ease doing so - is directly attributed to the insight gained through the IB Diploma Programme.’ University of Cambridge
‘From a University perspective, I can confirm that the IB Diploma is viewed as excellent preparation for further study.’ Oxford University

Breadth and depth of learning

The IB’s philosophy is that for students to be successful in our modern world, they must have a wide range of skills and abilities to take on the challenges which will face them in the future. IB students study a programme designed to develop breadth through the study of six subjects areas: English, mathematics, a science, a humanities subject, a language and a creative arts subject.

As well as developing a broad range of skills, the programme enables students to capitalise on their strengths, studying three subjects to Higher Level, with three to Standard Level, creating opportunities to develop a second language, explore creative subjects and expand humanities and scientific knowledge.

As part of the IB Diploma at Westbourne, students complete a Theory of Knowledge (TOK) course which develops critical thinking, essential talents in today’s changing workplace and extends their learning beyond the classroom with the IB’s Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) programme.

Students are also required to complete an Extended Essay (EE), providing excellent preparation for Higher Education. Students who satisfy rigorous demands of the IB Diploma Programme demonstrate a strong commitment to learning, both in terms of the mastery of subject content and in the development of the skills and discipline necessary for post-secondary school success.