Exceptional university preparation

A distinctive feature of the IB Diploma, which is highly regarded by Universities as part of the Admissions Process, is the Extended Essay.

A core part of the IB Diploma, as part of your two years of study you will have the opportunity to engage in an in-depth, self-guided 4000 word research essay, in a topic which truly interests you. A unique chance to indulge your passions as well as undertake some fascinating research.

IB Diploma students are known to have a 20% lower drop out rate at University, one of the many reasons University’s respect the IB, the Extended Essay and your maturity in undertaking such a project is one of the reasons why.

The EE is externally assessed and, in combination with your Theory of Knowledge, TOK grade contributes up to three points to the total score for your IB Diploma.

In total you will spend approximately forty hours compiling your research, structuring and writing your EE, each part of that process is supported by one of our IB Co-Ordinators and by the end of the process you not only will be immensely proud of your achievement but will stand head and shoulders ahead of non-IB students applying for University…your competition for a place.

'I realised compared to my Cambridge Uni friends who did A Levels, that by virtue of doing the IB EE I know how to reference and develop an academic piece of has been really important to me so far.' Westbourne alumni, Dharani
‘IB students have the edge at interview. Their ability to cross reference academic literature - and to be at ease doing so - is directly attributed to the insight gained through the IB Diploma Programme.’ University of Cambridge

A supervision process of approximately 3–5 hours will go hand in hand with you research, guided by your IB Coordinator, it will include three mandatory reflection sessions, the final one viva voce, a concluding interview with the supervising teacher.

Assessed on 5 criteria and graded out of 34 points you will be expected to present your Extended Essay in front of your peers and supervisors, an initially daunting thought for some when embarking upon the EE, by completion, you will be proud to showcase your achievements.