Critical thinking skills for life

It is oft said that ‘A Levels teach you what to think, the International Baccalaureate Diploma teaches you how to think.’ IBDP Theory of Knowledge – TOK – and its development of critical thinking skills is an important part of that differentiation.

Theory of Knowledge sits at the IB Diploma’s core and is unique to the programme. As part of the IBDP, students will explore what they believe to be true and critically evaluate the reasons for holding these beliefs. ‘TOK plays an important part in training you how to think, not to simply learn, learn, learn without question.’

TOK provides an opportunity to step back from the content of the IB Diploma and explore how we build our understanding of the world. It enables our students to develop as strong and critical thinkers, encouraged towards a thoughtful evaluation of knowledge, claim and perspectives.

As part of developing unconditionally valuable members of the community and world citizens, TOK students learn to recognise and understand the implications of what they know, influencing attitudes and action.

‘Many selectors wish to choose candidates who, as well as being intellectually able to cope with the course of study, will contribute to the creation of a balanced intake with a wide cross-section of interests in each year.’ Imperial College London