Spotlight on groundbreaking technology ChatGPT

Posted: 2nd March 2023

ChatGPT in schools

The recent confirmation by the International Baccalaureate (IB) that ChatGPT can be utilised as a reference tool highlights how quickly the IB has reacted to and embraced this groundbreaking technology.

Across the Westbourne International group, including Westbourne School in the UK, Westbourne College Sydney, and Westbourne College Singapore, we see ChatGPT as a supportive tool in enhancing education, the experience and curriculum. Westbourne has been an early adopter of AI technology, with Century Tech AI learning having been integrated into the classroom for a number of years.

"We are living in an age where innovations such as ChatGPT are going to disrupt how we do things and we are going to have to learn how to adapt to such significant and rapid changes. ChatGPT has been likened to fax machines - they were amazing, useful innovations at the time and then they became the norm."
Dr G. Griffiths, Principal

A leader in edtech

Westbourne’s reputation as a leader in technology has rapidly grown over the past few years. One of the first schools in the UK to use AI-backed technology to enhance the learning experience, in 2021 we were added to the high-profile EdTech50 list for shaping the future of UK education through technological innovation. The following year, Westbourne was shortlisted for ‘Best Use of Technology’ in the TES Schools Awards, as well as for the Independent School of the Year Innovation Award.

Our Innovation Hub is a new space where pupils of all ages can be truly innovative, with lessons in coding, computer programming, engineering and 3D printing. It is also home to the school’s electric racing car, currently undergoing work by students to prepare it for the Greenpower racing series. Innovation sessions inspire pupils to think creatively about their own role in changing the world, as part of our drive to nurture and inspire our future leaders.

"ChatGPT gives us the perfect opportunity to guide our students to explore this new technology, to think critically about how we can use it ethically and identify, not just what it can do but also what it can’t quite do. The technology will not be used as a crutch, but as a trampoline to launch standards to even greater heights."
Dr G. Griffiths, Principal
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