Visits & Open Days

Every day is Open Day!

Our website will give you an overview of Westbourne, however, nothing beats coming to visit us. We warmly welcome private visits and informal Zoom calls, year-round, on a day that fits your schedule.

We also host a number of open house events throughout the year, our next events are:

  • Little Westbourne Nursery Open Day: 2nd March, 0930hrs
  • Prep School Open Day: 9th March, 0930hrs 


To register for an event, or book a private tour for any year group, simply complete the form below and our admissions team will be in touch to confirm your place.

We very much look forward to meeting you.

'Westbourne is like one big family. If you are in Year 6, it is normal to be friends with the Year 11's because Westbourne is such a close-knit group. All the students and teachers are very welcoming and will try their hardest to help you.' Jess, Year 11 student

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